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Frequently asked questions

What is Spotfood Venue?

Spotfood is a service that connects large groups of people looking to eat out, with venues (Restaurants, Cafes, Bars etc) that can offer them exclusive deals. Using the Spotfood Venue app, you will receive requests from potential groups looking to eat out. If you find the request from this group lucrative based on the number of people and timing, you may choose to offer a deal for them to come to your venue. Your deal and deals from other venues will be sent back to the group, allowing them to select the most attractive one.

How does Spotfood Venue work?

You will receive proposals from customers outlining when they want to eat and how many people will be coming. You will be given some time (set by the customer) to ‘bid’ on the proposal with deals that you would like to offer the customer. Out of all the bids the customer receives from different venues (including yours), they chose the deal most attractive to them. If your deal was accepted, you will get notified. Spotfood is an easy way to attract more customers to your venue!

How much does it cost?

Spotfood pricing is simple, no start-up fees, no lock-in contracts and no regular subscriptions! You pay only when you are guaranteed to make some money! For every accepted bid, you will be charged $2. This is not $2 per head and not $2 per bid you place. You will only be charged $2 every time a customer accepts your bid, regardless of group size.

What is a proposal?

A proposal is what the customer sends to you with the details of what they require. It will specify exactly when they want to eat (date and time), group size, and whether the meal will be dine-in or take away.

What is a bid?

A bid is the deal your respond with for a given proposal. Other restaurants will also be bidding on the same proposal with their own deals and the customer would accept the bid with the most attractive deal.

I’m too busy to constantly respond to proposals, is there a better way?

Yes! You can set up pre-set deals in the ‘Venue Deals’ page. Once this is set up and you enable ‘Auto bid’ on the main page, Spotfood will send out bids on your behalf. You can turn off ‘Auto-bid’ whenever you require and continue to bid on proposals manually.

How do I become a Spotfood Venue?

That’s easy! Just download the Spotfood Venue app, and sign up! Since you are creating your venue account for the first time, sign up and choose 'New Venue'. Fill out your personal details to get into the app. Once you’re in the app, you will be required to fill out your venue details. And then you’re ready to go! You will start receiving proposals, and you will be able to bid on them.

I’m not receiving any proposals, why is that?

Double check to see if your venue settings are filled out correctly as this is required for you to receive proposals.

I am bidding, but the customers aren’t accepting, why is that?

The customer may be accepting a bid from another restaurant. The more attractive the deal you're bidding with, the higher the chance of the customer accepting your bid.

Is there a way to contact the customers who have accepted my deal?

Yes! On the proposal card, there is a button labelled ‘Message’. Clicking that will take you to the chat page where you can contact the customer owning that proposal.

Will Spotfood Venue notify me when proposals come through

If you have Auto-bid enabled, then you won’t get notified when proposals come through, and Spotfood will bid on your behalf using the pre-set deals you have defined. If Auto-bid is not enabled, then you will be notified of every proposal that is sent by customers that matches your restaurant

Will Spotfood Venue notify me when a customer accepts my deal?

Yes! Regardless of whether Auto-bid is on or off, you will always get notified when a customer accepts your bid.

I want my staff to be able to use Spotfood Venue on their phones, is there a way to do this without sharing my log in details with them?

Yes! You can add your staff members to your venue account. Follow the instructions below: 1) Go to Venue Settings > Staff List 2) Press 'Add Staff' and fill out form that pops up 3) The email address you enter must match the email your staff will sign up with 4) Your staff should sign up to Spotfood Venue on their phone by clicking 'Join Venue' (not New Venue, as this only applies when owners are creating a new venue profile). Once they fill in their details, they will be linked to your venue account and will be able to receive proposals and place bids as your venue.

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