5 Australian party games you’ll have so much fun playing

November 27, 2020

We all love hanging out with our loved ones. Socialization is something every person needs and that’s why this year has been so tough on many of us due to COVID-19 pandemics. But, we are all hoping to return to normal soon. We know that you can’t wait to get connected again with your friends and families, when the public health situation will allow it. And yes, getting connected includes parties and get-togethers

Although you can organize virtual get-togethers (we suggested some ideas last week), which is a great way of staying safe, today we want to present a more classical way of having fun at a party. Whether you like more classical party games (for example, a board game or something that includes a deck of cards), we’re sure you’ll love these 5 Australian party games you’ll have so much fun playing and that will get everyone smiling and getting to know each other a little better.

Why are party games important part of a get-together?

Surely, you’ve been to one of those boring parties that never seems to end. In many cases, you’re sitting down with a bunch of people you don’t really know well, discussing topics you’re not so interested in. Well, then you already know the answer to the question above. Including a game in your party can be great for many reasons. First and utmost, it’s so much fun challenging and competing with friends. Party games make time fly by seamlessly. 

Also, games can include healthy physical activity or stimulating mental challenges that will get your blood flowing and start physical reactions that will automatically make you feel better about everything. It’s just natural for a human being, people love to play. Even science has a name for it - homo ludens

Games also help practice cooperation, leadership and sportsmanship skills. That’s why centering your event around games is not a bad thing. You’ll get to know the group much better and everyone will have plenty of fun and laughs so you can brag for weeks how great your party was. Here’s our little contribution to help you have more fun.

5 Australian party games you’ll have so much fun playing

Toss the thong

Thong is an Aussie word for a flip-flop

Thong throwing is a traditional Aussie game that is loved by people all ages. It’s so popular that most Australia day (26th of January) celebrations include a Thong throwing competition. The game has its official rules, but basically it’s a throwing competition. 

Thong is an Aussie word for a flip-flop, so that’s the first thing you’re going to need to play this game. You’re also going to need a line to stand behind and a good sense of humor.

The first rule of a thong throwing competition, according to Taren Point Bowling Club, says that thong throwing is an ancient and noble sport and must be conducted in a civilised manner. So, how to play? 

Well, firstly, you choose which thong you want to throw - left or right. The only acceptable propulsion method is the competitor’s own arm. A maximum run-up of 10 paces is allowed and any overlaps over the line will be deducted from the throw distance. A throw will only count if it falls within an area defined by an arc of 35 degrees from the forward-most centre point of the pitch. Thongs that fall outside the field are classified as a foul toss and excluded from the competition. The use of wind is permitted, but waiting for a suitable gust is limited to 30 seconds.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, in that case you obviously haven’t tried to throw your footwear in a certain direction. Trust us, it guarantees a lot of laughs.

Backyard cricket

Everybody knows that cricket is one of the most popular sports in Australia. The number one reason behind most party arguments and an extremely fun way to make a party a bit more interesting. Don’t worry, backyard cricket is only loosely based upon the real thing.

It’s more of an ad hoc variant of the cricket game, played by people of all genders and ages on any reasonably flat stretch of field. All you need for this game is a bat, a ball, pitch and a wicket. You can use any convenient object as a wicket (a chair, a cardboard box, trash can, virtually anything you can think of). The rules are determined by the players playing the game and backyard cricket allows the rules to be changed.

There are some basic guidelines, but the main one is good humour. If you never played backyard cricket, check out these 11 rules to see what’s it all about. Even reading the rules is fun.

Australian party games
Backyard cricket is loosely based upon real cricket


Two up is based on gambling and that’s why we don’t recommend playing it around minors. But, it’s a great way to have fun and learn how people react to losing or winning money. 

The rules are quite simple. Coins are tossed and bets are made on whether they will land on heads or tails. The prize pool money is all the money invested by players, but we recommend betting on small amounts, only to make things more fun. You shouldn’t and actually never will get rich playing party games - their sole purpose is fun.

So, the spinner places two pennies on a wooden block and tosses them. The pennies must spin at least two metres over the spinner's head and must not touch an object or a person. They also have to land in the boundaries of a determined area. Players bet on which side will the coins flip (possible wagers are two heads or two tails). You can find detailed rules of Two-up on Mashable.

When playing this game, remember the Gambling (Two-up) Act which determines when it can be played. And remember - you must be over 18.

Egg-and-Spoon races

Egg-and-spoon race is a sporting event that can be played at parties and Aussies love it. In this contest, you must balance an egg on a spoon and race with it to the finishing line. 

If the egg falls from the spoon, competitors have to stop, retrieve and reposition their egg. Sounds simple, but if you add a little creativity it can be a lot of laughs. You can make contestants carry the spoon with both hands or even with their teeth, while tying their hands behind their backs. 

Anything helping to hold an egg in the place is considered cheating.

Dizzy bat

If you like backyard cricket, you’ll love the Dizzy bat. Dizzy bat is actually a drinking game, so we appeal to being responsible while playing it. To play Dizzy bat, you need a bat and a beer can. 

One person chugs a full bear out of the can while other participants count in seconds how long it takes. The players don’t stop counting until the batter turns the can upside down to prove that all the liquid is gone. Then he leans over and places the forehead on the end of the bat and starts spinning for the same amount of time it took him to chug a beer. 

Once he’s finished spinning, another person throws the empty beer can in the air and the batter has to hit it. If he misses, he has to spin additional three times and try again.

Always remember fair-play

Party games are really informal. They facilitate interaction and provide entertainment and recreation. But, although party games are played in a casual atmosphere and their only purpose is to entertain and generate laughter and joy, don’t forget sportsmanship and fair-play. Even at a party, it’s important to stay civil so that everyone can enjoy the good times, get to meet each other a little bit better. 

We hope you’ll try out some of these typical Aussie games first chances you get and that you’ll have so much fun doing it.