5 DIY Christmas gift ideas

December 20, 2020

Christmas is a time of giving. All over the world, people exchange gifts for Christmas. Around the world there are different beliefs in a Christmas gift bringer, like Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, Father Christmas or, in Italy, Lady Befana.

People leave presents in shoes, stockings, under the Christmas tree. These presents are really a great way of showing affection to your loved ones. And while you can use a service like Spotfood to send gifts to your friends and family, today we would like to discuss some do-it-yourself gift ideas, because when a gift is handmade, it carries a really special meaning. People tend to feel more touched when receiving something you crafted with your own two hands.

So here are 5 DIY gift ideas for Christmas 2020.

Caramel latte tea cup candle

This DIY gift is amazing to surprise someone you love with your craftiness. It’s super easy to make and looks amazing.

Before starting to make it, you’ll need soy wax flakes, caramel liquid dye, caramel latte fragrance oil, candle wick, wax adhesive and a tea cup. Any size of a cup will do, but make sure you have a wick big enough to fit inside the cup.

Start by placing a small amount of wax adhesive to the wick and placing it in the center of your cup. Continue by adding soy wax flakes (you need the double amount of wax flakes to fill the cup). Melt them over a boiling pot of water and heat the wax to a temperature of 71 degrees Celsius. Stir in a couple of drops of caramel liquid dye until you reach the desired colour. Add in the scent and stir everything. 

In the end, fill the tea cup with wax and let it harden at room temperature. And there you go, your DIY candle is ready.

Button picture frame

To make a customized picture frame that will surprise and delight anyone you need just a couple of things: a cheap wooden picture frame, craft glue, buttons, scissors and a photo. As you can see from the ingredients you need - this gift is so easy to make.

Start by checking what buttons you have. Make sure you have colourful buttons for a nice impression. Arrange the buttons on the picture frame and glue them together. Let it dry overnight.  

It’s really that simple - you just glue the decorations to the picture frame. To go an extra mile, try crafting the picture frame too. All you need is a bit of wood. When done, insert a favourite photo into the frame and you’re ready to give a present that will be remembered.

Custom made Coasters

This is an easy way to put some old coasters to good use. While it’s quite simple to make these coasters, it does take some time because the paint dries for a while. But, if you have time, this is quite a simple gift to do yourself, so, you might give it a chance.

You’ll need some old coasters, a primer, some acrylic paint, painters tape, paintbrush and varnish.

Start with priming your coasters to stop the color from going right through. After priming them, paint the coasters white and wait for them to dry. After the paint has dried, use painters tape to mark out shapes on your coaster. You can get creative with the shapes you want to make. Then paint in your shapes, making sure that the tape is well glued to the coaster. You don’t want the color to go outside the desired shape. Remove the painters tape. 

Once your coasters are fully dry, place the painters tape along the sides on the front and the back sides of the coaster and colour the edges. In the end, spray the coloured coasters with varnish to protect them from wear and tear.

Useful, creative and makes a great present!

Glowing photo luminaries

An amazing gift at any time, but if you paint the luminaries in Christmasy motives, these luminaries make a gift that leaves everyone breathless. And they’re so easy to make.

First, print out a couple of photos you’d like to turn into luminaries. Then, you’ll need some glass jars or vases, anything you can get your hands on. It would be best if these were round shaped because that simplifies the production, but you’ll manage to do the same thing with any shape.

Trim your photos to the height of your glass and apply a piece of double sided tape to the glass. Then simply attach your photo to the tape. And you’re done. You have a gift that is quite emotional, you made it by yourself and most of the effort is creative work - how amazing is that?

Wooden bow tie

Buying Christmas presents for guys has become so predictable - they simply always know what they are getting. But this creative DIY gift will satisfy everyone's taste. 

All you need is some thin crafting wood, a ruler and a pencil, a little scroll saw, belt sander, some fabric, an iron, a sewing kit and a hot glue gun.

Start by measuring and sketching the bow tie on the back side of the wood. Cut it around using a scroll saw. Sand down the rough sides using the belt sander. You can colour the wood or leave it natural. And you already have the basics. Then, measure the width of the middle section of the base, double it and add a quarter more. That’s how much fabric you need. Sew down the side with the backside facing out. 

For the fabric that goes around the neck you need to add about half an inch to the width you need and about an inch to the length. After sewing it, use a bit of hot glue to secure the long piece in the middle of the back of the bow tie and glue the middle piece around it. Make sure you are sewing everything on the right side of the tie.

Check out this video to help you understand how simple it is to make this amazing DIY present.

Get together and celebrate

So, there you have it, 5 extremely simple DIY Christmas gift ideas to make this Christmas jolly for your loved ones. They’ll know how to appreciate these gifts. This year, we recommend skipping the same-old presents that are recycled year-by-year. Organize a get-together with your loved ones and try spreading some holiday cheer by grabbing your hot glue gun, adding a little bit of creativity and making the perfect gifts for your loved ones by yourself. We’re sure you’ve got it in you!