• Emily B

5 Food Trends We Love

From faux-meat to sushi burritos, here are 5 food trends that we hope will stick in 2020!

The Sushi-rito

Japanese meets Mexican food? You wouldn’t think this odd pairing would be a match made in foodie heaven, and yet… it totally works. Think of a burrito-sized sushi roll and you’ve pictured the Sushi-rito; a gigantic makizushi filled with every possible filling you can imagine. It might seem a questionable combo to some, but we only want to know why nobody thought of this earlier!

Kombucha Cocktails

Another unconventional pairing comes in the form of the coveted Kombucha Cocktail. This budding trend in health (and in hangovers) is the most recent acquisition at some of Australia’s favourite watering holes. Kombucha is essentially a fermented tea, filled with gut-loving probiotics. Whilst typically appreciated by the healthiest among us, this fizzy beverage and its benefits can now be fashionably enjoyed by the more gin-inclined, and we’re not complaining.

Cauliflower Power

Yes, we said it. Cauliflower is the new black. Who knew this plain ol’ piece of veg, loathed by children far and wide, could be the delicious and diverse ingredient that we are now seeing so much on menus across the globe? Fried, roasted, turned into teeny tiny nuggets or transformed into a Keto-friendly pizza base – cauliflower is taking the food world by storm and we are so here for it.

Fake Fish

As the world around us takes strides towards becoming a more sustainable place, we’re bearing witness to more and more innovative ways that food is being adapted to align with our changing attitudes. Perhaps our favourite discovery in this growing category of conscious culinary creations, is the advent of “fake fish” or plant-based seafood. This vegan alternative to traditional seafood sees vegetables turned into identical copies of our favourite sushi dishes. We’re talking eggplant-derived eel that’s look and taste is almost indistinguishable to the real deal - just minus the actual eel!

Asian Desserts

We are so thrilled (like, really thrilled) to see the wonders of Asian sweets making their way steadily into the mouths and hearts of dessert enthusiasts everywhere. From bubble tea to Halo-Halo, sweet treats from all over Asia have become a growing movement over the last five years in Western countries, and the trend is predicted to become even more popular in 2020! Who’s hungry?


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