5 simple DIY party decoration ideas

December 27, 2020

Atmosphere is maybe the most important part of every good party. When planning your party or event, after thinking about the guest list, you have to start thinking about the party tone and the decor. The ambience and the mood will in great deal depend on this. 

As ezine states, it is extremely crucial to undergo proper party decorations in order to make an event look fascinatingly beautiful and appealing before the guests and invitees. You should keep in mind that parties are special occasions and in order to make them memorable, proper decorations should be done matching the tone of the party.

And while you can use Spotfood to hire professionals, like party decorators or florists to make your party look the best way possible, today we want to discuss the advantages of taking care of decor by yourself. 

It’s sure that hiring a pro to take care of the decor has its advantages. We’re talking about the people who do this job for a living and really know what they are doing. They’ll plan out the aesthetic and work closely with you to understand your ideas to plan out the theme, decor and make sure that everything is in place. It’s a great solution, but, hiring a pro costs money and not everyone has the budget to do it.

So, here are 5 DIY party decoration ideas to help you achieve a great atmosphere at your party with a reasonable budget.

Paper decorations

If you’re looking for simple, budget-friendly decorations, paper is your material. You can make endless variations of paper decorations which will make your party look amazing.

You can make paper flowers, which are a great choice. And, with paper you can make them in any size or color you wish. But, that’s not all. Pinterest is a great place to find ideas on DIY paper decorations with great instructions on how to make them. Check out this amazing thread to get inspired!

Party hats

Party hats always contribute to the general atmosphere and festive feel. They’re quite easy to make, just make sure to make them in the party theme. 

All you need to make a party hat is stock paper, stapler, scissors, some glue and string. Start by cutting off the corners of the paper to form a large circle, then cut a narrow triangle starting from the outside towards the center. Fold the paper to form a cone shape by overlapping the two cut corners. Adjust the size and staple it together.

Party hats always contribute to the general atmosphere and festive feel

Cut two little holes on the bottom of the hat and tie your string to it. Don’t forget to adjust the length to fit the head. In the end, you can use decorative items like marbles, glitter, stickers or jewels to make your hat look even more festive.

Balloon decorations

As with paper, balloon decorations are popular everywhere. They’re quite cheap and simple to make, but, with a little effort, they’ll raise your party to a next level. 

To start with, you’ll need to inflate your balloons. Although good balloon decorations require a lot of balloons to make an impact, it’s worthwhile to put in an extra effort to make them. You can organize an event with your friends to do it manually for extra fun, but, you can also use a balloon pump to save time. 

Then, think about whether you want to make balloon arches, which are a great trend right now or making something like a garland. And maybe the simplest way to utilize balloons is just leave them on the floor, which will especially please the young ones, who can play with balloons for hours.

At PartyCity, you can check more amazing ideas for balloon decorations you never thought are possible.

Balloon decorations are popular everywhere

Ribbon chandelier

Ribbon chandeliers are an absolute hit due to their simplicity, but, make no mistake, they look absolutely amazing. All you need is a lot of ribbon, glue gun, hoop and some spare time.

To start with, make sure you have ribbon in a couple of colours to make things a bit more bright. Glue on two strips to hang the chandelier on. Take the ribbon, fold it in half and wrap around the hoop (pulling the tails through the loop). Put a little bit of glue under the knot. Repeat the process alternating colours. Check out the full instructions in the video below.

In no time you’ll have a great looking colorful chandelier that will give your party a breath of fresh air.

DIY photo booth

Photo booths are a great asset for every party. While you can use Spotfood to hire a professional photographer, there is something magical about photo booths. There’s always THAT moment at a party when everyone gets relaxed enough, the heels and ties are coming off and a photo booth is a great way to document all that festive spirit.

It’s not hard to do a DIY photo booth. You will need enough space, close enough to the party action, a camera (it can also be a selfie stick so anyone can use their phone), some instructions about what to do and photo booth props. Good props are something like funny hats, celebrity masks and cheap wigs. 

If you decorate the photo booth to be aligned with the party tone, it will definitely be massive with your guests, but it will also fit nicely with the decor.

Simple, right?