Bridal hairstyles and makeup trends to watch in 2021

April 4, 2021

2020 was a year no one could have imagined. The coronavirus pandemic affected all aspects of life, including weddings. Postponements, elopements, minimonies and microweddings. Even though we still have some public health protection measures, we hope that soon we'll start safely gathering and being social.

Everyone is so over the fact that we can't socialize and have to stay inside that many certainly want to take their special day to a new glamourous level. On the other hand, some brides-to-be still want to keep the more natural look that lockdown has spurred. We've spent most of the year embracing natural hair texture and color and wearing less makeup than ever before. We believe this has encouraged many women to embrace minimalism and feel completely stunning in their natural look.

Some brides-to-be still want to keep the more natural look that lockdown has spurred

Although weddings are very personal events and every couple wants something different, in one of the previous blogs we covered several wedding trends for 2021. Whether you prefer glamour or lean towards the radiant and natural, this time we present the bridal hairstyles and makeup trends of 2021 that have something to suit the needs of every bride-to-be.

Bridal makeup trends for 2021

No-makeup makeup

After a year of lockdown and wearing masks, working from home and not going to any get-togethers, makeup became less important to many women. The focus shifted to skincare. Fresh, effortless makeup that highlights the skin's natural and healthy glow, natural-looking eyebrows, softly coloured lips, light blush and subtle contouring accentuate and enhance natural beauty. So the emphasis is on making a unique, bold statement to make brides look and feel like themselves, but also, of course, to shine.

Focus on eyes

And again, the effect of wearing masks brought focus on the eyes as the focal point of the makeup look. You can add colour to your eyes, opt for a smokey eye that looks grounded and natural, maybe a little dark eyeliner, but all in a more subtle form for brides. Long, fluttery lashes are also a must. Your perfect bridal makeup, with your eyes taking center stage, depends largely on your eye colour. That's why we found these wonderful makeup tutorials for every eye colour.

The effect of wearing masks brought focus on the eyes as the focal point of the makeup look

Colour on the lips

Nothing catches the eye more irresistibly than when a bride wears lip colour with confidence. Of course, this doesn't mean you have to reach for neon pink or orange lipsticks, but adding more pigment to your lips will make the biggest change in your look. The new wave of accentuated lips is beautifully pigmented, long-lasting and must be executed perfectly or any imperfections will be noticed. A bold, blurred lip will blend perfectly with beautiful skin and gently defined makeup on the eyes. Matte reds and beautiful berry tones are a great choice for brides in 2021.

Bridal hair trends for 2021


As they adapt to smaller weddings and simpler celebrations, brides are increasingly opting for a more relaxed approach. Loose waves are perfect for achieving a look that is romantic and sophisticated in equal measure. We spent a year giving our hair a rest, without daily styling and realized the beauty in simplicity and natural textures. You can also opt for a half-up, half-down beachy look. To enhance the effect of the natural texture of your hair, take hair extensions. But like false eyelashes, make sure it still looks natural.

Hair accessories

Hair accessories are becoming more and more popular, both for everyday wear and for the wedding day. Tiaras, beaded combs, fabric bows, silk flowers, pins with beautiful accessories like pearls and vintage hair accessories add that special touch to any hairstyle. Statement headbands have become an alternative to crowns and tiaras. Modern, simple, fun and feminine, they complete the whole romantic and modern look.

The ponytail

Who says a ponytail is just for lazy days and trips to the gym? This hairstyle can definitely be just as romantic and glamorous and elevate your style. The fabulous fishtail hybrid, the low ponytail with voluminous bangs, the voluminous pony, tied back loose curls, pony with an eclectic braid, a flower wrapped ponytail, the possibilities are endless. It's casual, but chic. And remember the most important thing, a ponytail can suit anybody’s style, you just have to figure out if low, high or center placed suits you best. Here you can find inspiration for 21 ponytail wedding hairstyles for the modern, romantic bride.

As far as getting a great look on your wedding day, if you don't have experience, we recommend hiring a hair and makeup expert

Hollywood waves

Of course, we must not forget the good old Hollywood waves. They give a beautiful, classic, elegant vintage look. To make these glamorous, feminine waves a little more modern, put tiny flowers in your hair or pin your hair on one side and let the other fall freely.

As far as getting a great look on your wedding day, if you don't have experience, we recommend hiring a hair and makeup expert. You will be greatly relieved. Just as you need to find the perfect venue, photographer, wedding dress and caterer, so should it be with choosing the right makeup artist and hairdresser. Instead of wasting time and nerves with hours of constant research, relying on recommendations and stalking the accounts of potential vendors on social media, make it easy on yourself with Spotfood. Good vendors are the essence of a good event, and using an event planning platform like Spotfood makes it seamless to gather quotes by vendors that can make your personalized wishes come true.