Budget decoration ideas for your birthday party

March 7, 2021

Parties are fun, but it's no secret that the cost of decorations can easily pile up. Your excitement about organizing parties can be reduced when you realize how expensive party decorations can get. Therefore, we recommend that you try some ideas on a limited budget.

There are many creative ideas that require just a little bit of your own work and effort. DIY decorations for fun are profitable, but also you will get a sense of incredible success. The specifics of the decorations, such as colours and sizes, can vary depending on the theme and style of your party. 

In one of the previous blogs, we listed 5 simple DIY party decoration ideas. There we explained how to make paper decorations, party hats, balloon decorations, ribbon chandeliers and photo booth. While you can use Spotfood to hire professionals, like party decorators or florists to make your party look the best way possible, today we want to show you the benefits of taking care of the decor yourself. Learn how to add a little sparkle and glamour to your fun party using this list of inexpensive decorating ideas. 

Confetti balloons

What's a party without balloons? If you put in the effort, balloons are a very inexpensive and effective decoration. Balloons filled with confetti are a little different and very impressive. Choose clear or bright white balloons where the confetti will stand out. Hang the balloons on a curling ribbon or string. You can fill them with helium to hang from the ceiling, scatter them on the floor, use them to create a fun shape (like a birthday number), wallpaper on the wall or a photo booth.

What's a party without balloons?

For the best photos, strike a pose, pop a balloon and capture the moment with your camera. You'll be showered with a colorful confetti of various sizes and designs. Check out this short video on how to make your own confetti balloons. But after the party, you'll need a good vacuum cleaner because the confetti will be absolutely everywhere.

Paper pinwheels

If you want to host an outdoor party, it's best to let nature and its decorations do the talking. With some nice seating and a table, any outdoor space becomes the perfect place for a party. If you want to add your own touch to the whole decoration and make something interesting that you don't see every day, make paper pinwheels. You'll need paper, scissors, metal pins or brads, a ruler and wooden cupcake picks or skewers. Here you can find step-by-step instructions with photos, text and video. Decorate tables, a gift spot, or a place for a cake in the corner with these unusual and interesting decorations.

Decorative buffet

Food is an essential part of any party. So why not use the food as decoration. All you have to do is present the food in an interesting and creative way. One of the great options is to rely on a decorative buffet. There are pedestal pots on the market that are pretty cheap, or you could try a DIY project and do something similar with melamine bowls glued to freshly colored candle holders. 

Cake stands are super expensive but you can easily make them yourself. You need two candlestick stands, two wooden plaques, a glue gun and some paint and voila, you have some cake stands. Cheap, cheerful, fun and really quick to make. You can save money while not sacrificing expensive tableware, while focusing on some effective decorations to enhance the buffet. Put flowers, a few candles on the table, an unusual tablecloth, mixed stemware, plates, other accessories and you have a beautiful decorative buffet.

Fruity straws

Since we've already used food as decoration, why not use drinks in the same way? Another fun idea is to incorporate fruity straws made from small balloons. For orange juice, you can easily craft a matching orange balloon. Just cut leaves out of green paper to make the straws look as fruity as possible next to the balloon. This DIY project is very easy to try and can be customised in many ways. These fruity straws will definitely be an eye-catching and cheerful decoration. They will make your drinks so cheerful and festive, and at the same time they will beautify the table. Here are ideas and instructions for making fruity balloon straws.

Birthday banner

For birthday celebrations, there is something special in the home touch. This birthday sign is so fun and festive, but it's also easy to make. All you need is paper or cardboard, some sort of glue clip, knife or drill, tape, sharpie and scissors. When planning, consider the theme of the birthday party so that the look of the banner matches the festivities. You can customize colours, paper patterns, flag shapes and even the style of the alphabet. It costs very little to make and the result can be amazing for any type of event. On Pinterest you can find many ideas on how to make a banner for a birthday party.

For birthday celebrations, there is something special in the home touch

Glitter candles

As for lighting, nothing beats the glow of a candle. The ideas for DIY arrangements are countless. You can make beautiful decorations out of mason jars of various sizes in which you place matching candles. The candles add an extra touch of intimacy and mood to the atmosphere. When choosing candles, opt for different sizes and heights to create a more fun look. This also looks great as table decorations. For a perfectly effective look, use mason jar cover with glitter in various colours. Supplies you will need are mason jars, glue, green, red and silver (or gold) glitter, paintbrush and candles. 

Consider a scented candle if you want to appeal to the sense of smell as well. This creates a nice ambience and a bit of romance. There are so many ways you can make decorating with candles more interesting. Here are just a few of the ideas.

Unusual flower vases

Flowers are a perfect decoration in themselves. A great way to recycle bottles is to use them as vases. With a little spray paint, they turn into vibrant, chic decorations. All you have to do is save these bottles and follow these simple instructions.

Another crazy creative DIY flower decoration is rainbow water. Just add a drop of food coloring to each glass vase to turn your water into a very technical color. This adds a slight pop to an undisputed place and guests will adore it.

Whatever decorations you choose, the most important thing is that you enjoy making them

But why not devote yourself to the decoration of flower vases. Try taking it a step further and make hanging lightbulb vases. This DIY party decoration is so unusual. First, you need to carefully saw off the bottom of the light bulb and pull out the filaments. Then you need to drill two opposing holes through the metal (to hang the wire). Finally, thread a thin wire through the holes, tie it to the desired length and fill it with flowers.

Whatever decorations you choose, the most important thing is that you enjoy making them. Guests will appreciate your effort more than if you just buy the decorations at the nearest store. Plus, you can brag about the way you made them and show how creative you are. If for some reason you can't find the time or will to make these decorations, use Spotfood. Simply create an event, list your needs and get personalized quotes from the best local event vendors. Get everything you need to make your event a success in one place.