Everything you need for a BoHo style party

March 21, 2021

Boho is short for bohemian and is a combination of vintage, hippie and ethnic inspired pieces that have elements of nature and earth tones. It's all about the vibe and old world charm with an emphasis on natural beauty. Given the eclectic and vintage inspired esthetic, boho style parties and weddings have become extremely popular in recent years. At a boho themed party, you can play around and create your own style. Surely you own vintage items that you can incorporate into the decorations or put your creative side to work to make some boho inspired decorations of your own. Rustic wooden furniture, native flowers, fairy lights, dream catchers, candles and feathers - you can all incorporate them into a boho style party.

Planning a party with a boho theme means getting in touch with nature. A good boho party should convey a sense of relaxation and serenity and look effortless. The floral texture and bohemian setup consisting of wooden tables, rug and cushions are a key element of this dream party. In one of the previous blogs, we described step by step how to throw a great party. Following these steps you can adapt your party to the boho theme. Now that we have defined the boho style and briefly explained its key elements, we bring everything that you need to know when hosting your own boho style party.

It's all about the vibe and old world charm with an emphasis on natural beauty


Send paper invitations. Although an online invitation is an easier way to invite guests and makes it easier to manage your guest list, there is something special about old-fashioned, tangible paper invitations that come in the mailbox to your home address. You can also try to make these invitations even more personal by designing them yourself. 

Since feathers are one of the most common boho elements, why not make feather invites and let guests know right away what kind of party you're hosting. All you need is cardstock in earthy colours, scissors or another cutting tool, a pen, a hole punch, and a contrasting ribbon. Determine the size and shape and cut out the invitations in the shape of feathers. Now that you have your invitations, write the text you want (you don't have to waste hours and get hand cramps from calligraphy, it's important that it's heartfelt and legible). Feel free to cut out more feathers to fit all the text in. After all, it will look more effective that way. When everything is ready, drill a hole at one end of the invitation and tie the ribbon through the layers.


Creating a bohemian party first starts with finding the perfect place. It is a party that can be easily organized in your own backyard, and is perfect for both adults and children. If you don’t have your own garden, rent a place that has a large backyard, along with a kitchen and lush greenery. It can be some kind of ranch, village, beach or restaurant. If that’s not an option either, don’t worry. You can create a beautiful seating area on the floor of the room indoors. Be creative with decorations that mimic the outdoors nature.

Be creative with decorations that mimic the outdoors nature

Decor, decor, decor

One of the best things about preparing a boho style party is eclecticism. Using a variety of colours, sizes and textures add an eclectic element that compliments the bohemian theme. The dinner set doesn't have to be the same color, the flowers can each be in a different vase, just dedicate yourself to making everything look warm, friendly and natural.

The center of every boho party is definitely the beautiful outdoor table, and it's best to build it out of wooden pallets. This way, you can determine the width and height of the table yourself by simply adding or taking away pallets. A great option is also to bring the dining room table outside for the event. Any wooden table will look beautiful in an outdoor setting. Define the space with a large area rug or place a few smaller mats on the lawn or patio, under the table, to make it look like a picnic. Set up nice cushions for seating. They don't have to be identical either, adding different colours, textures and patterns only add to the eclectic boho vibe. Create an eclectic table space with fabrics and macramé strips mixed with an assortment of tableware.

Place plenty of greenery and flowers along the length of the table. You can select all the flowers for the central part of the table from local trails near you and combine them with store-bought ones. If creating a centerpiece is beyond your skills, some beautiful flowers in wine bottles and pots would also look wonderful. For example, transform old bottles into a beautiful decoration with flowers, ropes and clear light bulbs. Also, no bohemian theme would be complete without a dreamcatcher. Let guests make their own as a party activity or simply hang them as decorations.

Dress code

Bohemian style, often referred to as boho chic, is bursting with fluttery, unstructured silhouettes, headbands, eye-catching prints, bright colours, oversized sunglasses, jewelry, open-toed sandals and natural fabrics. Layering and a relaxed, comfortable look are key. It's more about putting together eclectic elements from your wardrobe to create a harmonious gypsy chic look. Think maxi skirts and rustic dresses. Large t-shirts and unstructured tunics are also great choices. Tip: wear a fringed tunic with a plunging neckline over a bralette. You can wear a short jacket over it as another layer. Combine it with denim shorts and wear lots of jewelry with it.

No bohemian theme would be complete without a dreamcatcher

With such an outfit, make your own flower crowns, they will fit perfectly. Mix and match colours for a super vibrant and beautiful crown. All you need is a floral tape, scissors, craft wire and flowers and greenery. Take the wire and wrap it around your head to find the best fit. Cut off the excess wire and secure the ends with floral tape. Use the floral tape to secure the stems of the greenery to the floral wire. Start by selecting three flowers and wrap the stems with floral tape. Place more flowers over the stems to create a seamless floral look. Attach the flowers in an outward direction to make the blooms stand out. Continue layering your flowers until you are satisfied with your crown.

Food and drink

Keep the food simple. At a nearby table, a board of cheese and fruit awaits the arrival of a guest. Focus on finger foods, salads, bruschettas. You can also serve tacos, skewers with sides like rice, beans, guacamole and homemade salsa. Let everything be colourful. Fresh fruits and natural treats are always the perfect choices for bohemian food. Serve them in jars for a prettier look. Consider a menu where the food can be served at room temperature, so you can prepare ahead and let your guests enjoy.

Of course, sweet drinks should definitely be on the refreshment list. Create a relaxed atmosphere by letting your guests pour their own drinks. Whether you decide to serve sparkling pink lemonade or strawberry and cucumber water, embellish them with floral ice cubes. Made with edible flowers and herbs, they not only look beautiful, but also add extra flavour to your boho drinks. Toss some prepared drinks in mason jars and let your guests enjoy the bright colours.

Sit down and enjoy

Remember to sit back and enjoy. The purpose of fun is to spend time with people you care about. The most important element to creating an enjoyable experience for guests is to make sure they are comfortable. The different cushions surrounding the beautiful wooden table, the flowers and nature really make you feel like you are relaxing in the sun and enjoying the company of friends. Outside in the fresh air and beautiful weather, everyone needs to be in a good mood. No one will notice if the napkins aren't perfect or the flowers aren't from an expensive flower shop. What they will remember is the experience they had. Boho fun is all about creating a relaxed and calming environment.

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