How to pick the best wedding photographer - advice to save time and nerves

February 7, 2021

As time moves on in your life, a simple form of photography emerges, capturing a slice, a moment of the ever-moving space-time continuum, stopping the image of life and reality, creating memories. 

There is truly something special about fine art photography that can evoke memories, emotions, special days with a simple piece of paper. Your love story is waiting to be told in this way. Imagine flipping through your wedding photos, reliving memories and probably one of the best times of your life. Experience the joy of a wedding as you tell each other stories and evoke emotions through these beautiful images. You will be able to look back on all those special moments and remember one of the happiest days of your life, not only now, but for years to come. 

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Before you choose the best of the best for your wedding, we will give you some tips on how to save time and nerves in the process.

Choose your photography style

When it comes to choosing a style, you must first ask yourself what kind of photos you like the most. Photography is not just clicking the shutter, it is much more than that. Each photographer specializes in a certain style of photography, and this will help you determine the type of photographer you want for your wedding. 

Each photographer specializes in a certain style of photography

Do you like traditional photography, contemporary, reportage, creative, black and white or perhaps a documentary and spontaneous photography, there are so many options. Usually, you already know what style you like when you see a photo. If you still need a little help, you can have common wedding photography terms and styles explained to you, or you can take a handy quiz to find out which style of wedding photography is perfect for you.

Do the research

Now that you know roughly what you want, you can start looking for the right photographer. A good place to start is to ask for recommendations. You must have been thrilled with someone's wedding photos, ask them about the photographer who took the photos.

Another way is to start your search by reading reviews and browsing local listings. Make sure that you look at the feedback. This way you will get honest, useful information and advice from others that will help you make a good decision. 

Once you have done all this, narrow down your choices by reading websites and blogs and exploring social media. Every good photographer has their own online portfolio that will give you an insight into their work and style. Pay attention to everything. You can see a lot of useful information in detail. Look at the design of the website, read the bio to learn about the photographer's personality and sensibility, observe the way they post photos and talk to people on social media. If they have a blog, this is a great way to see how they capture a wedding from start to finish.

Here you can find the 12 best Australian wedding photographers and an insight into their incredible work. Or, you could just sign in to Spotfood, tell all the photographers on the platform what you want and need and they'll provide personalized quotes for you.

Do not forget to book a photographer in advance. Take care of it ahead of time and plan at least 10-12 months in advance so your whole search is not in vain.

Email your favorite photographers

We recommend narrowing the selection down to at least five photographers. Contact them by email and ask a few questions. Ask if your date is available, what are their rates, packages, how much deposit is required to secure a reservation, will they have an assistant or second shooter, if he has previous wedding photography experience and anything to make you feel comfortable and well informed.

We recommend narrowing the selection down to at least five photographers

Try to get to know their work and personality and find out why they love photographing weddings. Find out what you can expect from them based on the portfolio but also their personality. Photographers know it's your big day, so do not hesitate to ask anything that comes to mind.

Meet in person

Once you have studied all the emails at your leisure and read all the responses, it is time to decide on a photographer. You have chosen a person who will spend the whole day with you, capturing all the smiles and tears of joy, whose photos you will show your children and grandchildren. That's why it's important to meet the person face to face. A mutual, pleasant and relaxed feeling is also very important.

To avoid wasting time and nerves thinking about what questions to ask, you can use this helpful printable template. Feel free to add questions that are important to you that are not on this list.

Once you have made contact with the right photographer, explain all the details to them. Explain your vision and desires, get to know each other better, relax so your photos can be a true reflection of your love story.

Book and relax

One of the greatest investments at your wedding is certainly a professional wedding photographer that will capture a moment, all the love and emotion, and when you look back at your wedding photos after 30 years you will still feel like it was yesterday. 

If you are still unsure about a particular wedding photographer then consider an engagement shoot first. In that case, you will receive beautiful engagement photos, and also see how you work together. It can help you calm if you are shy in front of the camera to be more relaxed on your wedding day.

One of the greatest investments at your wedding is certainly a professional wedding photographer that will capture a moment

When your wedding day arrives, be sure you’ve allocated all the time you need for the pictures you want, and then relax and let your photographer create the images you’ve hired them for. So, just walk down the aisle, dance with abandon, party with your guests and let your photographer handle all the little things that go into creating amazing wedding images.

Just like says, we have so much respect for wedding photographers and the incredible work that they do to ensure your day is captured authentically from beginning to end. From lugging heavy camera bags around without complaint to scouting the perfect photo locations and pouring their heart and soul into their work, a great photographer is truly worth their weight in gold. 

We hope we have made it easier for you to find the perfect photographer for your perfect day with these tips. You can always rely on Spotfood to find the best photographers in one place. Simply create an event, list your needs and receive personalized quotes from vendors. After you accept the quotes, work with those vendors on our platform and make your event a success. Spotfood is available via web, Google Play or App Store.