How to plan a great kids birthday party

November 4, 2020

Planning a birthday party for your kid is a big thing. We all know that kids can be a tough audience, having in mind that their interests change on a daily basis. But, if you start the planning process on time, you can have all the little things figured out in time and your child and all of their guests will remember the party for a long time. So, here’s a quick recap on what to have in mind if you want to throw an unforgettable kids birthday party.

Budget and a theme

First thing cannot be stressed enough - you should start planning in time. Whether you are planning to have a house party or at a different venue, there are a bunch of things to take care of and if you don’t start planning in time, you’ll surely find yourself in a time rush. We suggest starting to plan about 4 weeks before the party.

When thinking about preparing a party, one of the most important things to decide on is the budget. Setting a frame on what you want to spend will make some decisions along the way easier. To set a budget, you’ll have to know the number of guests at the party. That’s why you should talk to your kid about how many friends they want to invite. 

great kids birthday party
Consider your kids wishes regarding the party theme

Also, try to consider their wishes about the party theme. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, but if your kid maybe loves a superhero, maybe it would be a good idea to throw a superhero costume party. In most cases, your child will only want to have fun with friends, so it will be a simple play party.

Invitations and preparations

After you roughly know the party theme and the number of guests, it’s time to set the date. It is a kids birthday party, so don’t forget to check if their best friends are available at the date. If they are, you can start making initial preparations. It’s important to prioritize, so we suggest starting with the invitations. You can make them yourself or hire a stationary designer to design them and send them out. Make sure to include all the important details about the date, time and the theme in the invitation.

Depending on the theme, there may be a need to hire an entertainer, so we suggest making a research about available animators in the area. An event planning app, like Spotfood can help you find a suitable entertainer for your party. 

If you’re not hiring an entertainer, make sure to plan out the party’s games and activities to keep all the guests amused. And we all know how tough it can be with kids. For help, you can check out this list of popular kids party games.

Party supplies and the food

Food is always in the centre of any event. It’s no different with kids parties. Make sure to pick out a caterer that has experience with catering to the little ones needs. It’s best to do proper research before scheduling a third party vendor. Maybe these tips could help you pick out the right one.

Decorations and supplies are also an important part of a kids party. Feel free to get creative with decor. It should be playful and colorful. And make sure not to forget confetti and the balloons. They’re sure to grab everyone's attention. The party theme will have the biggest role in determining your needs, for sure.

Kids birthday party baloon
The party theme will have the biggest role in determining your needs

Hiring a professional photographer might also be a good idea, because we all know that great photos make great memorabilia. When your kid grows up, they’ll sure be happy to remember great experiences from their childhood. Hiring third party vendors and event professionals could be a bit expensive, but that’s where an app like Spotfood can help you. It’s a party planning marketplace that connects you with party suppliers and vendors in your area and makes it easy to pick out the right one for your needs and for your budget.

Get the party started

On the day of the party try to have a talk with your kid about what’s expected of a party host. These kinds of events can become great educational opportunities and by guiding them, you can teach them how to be in the center of attention, while maintaining respect towards others.

While the kids are playing, you can enjoy your quality time with the parents, sharing the experience of a well organized party. Starting to plan on time will result in a smile on your kids face, making every effort worth it.