How to throw a good New Year's Eve party at home?

December 26, 2020

There’s always a certain amount of pressure surrounding any party planning process and it’s maybe even more so on New Year’s eve. It’s always been “the craziest night of the year” and, as such, it involves putting in a lot of effort to make all the right decisions to have a great time. 

If you’re hitting the bars, you already know that most of the popular ones require a ticket purchase or a minimum spend. And a minimum spend is often not minimal on NYE. Expenses seem to quickly grow if you want to have the best time. 

Having that in mind, getting to the party venue also always proves to be a big problem on NYE. You don’t want to use public transportation wearing your best suit or your best evening gown and getting a taxi on New Year’s eve is mission impossible. 

What’s more, this year, with the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not a bad idea to avoid crowded areas due to public health regulations and bars and public celebration venues sure do present a certain health risk. 

That’s why we’re fans of throwing a great New Year’s celebration at home. With these guidelines in mind, you’ll be able to throw an amazing NYE party at home in the comfort of your own home. 


We all know a party’s not a party without the guests. You’ll want to start by considering how many people you can host. Thinking of the guest list in advance will make your party planning simplified. Knowing your attendees helps you decide on the decor, snacks and, of course, the atmosphere.

The fact that you’re throwing your party at home doesn’t mean you can’t take care of the ambience to make your party festive and memorable. Try to keep each guest in mind when planning your party. It’s important to make everyone feel welcome and relaxed and set the party tone and theme having your guests in mind. For example, if you have parents with children coming, make sure you have some fun activities planned out for the kids, so the parents can have a great time.

On NYE, don’t be afraid to get festive. Pass out horns, hats or any other accessories that will pump up the special feeling New Year’s tend to have on us. Get everyone in the celebration mood so, when the time comes, everyone will happily start the countdown with smiles on their faces.

Get everyone in the celebration mood

If you’re hosting a larger party, you can try to make it a theme party. In this case, make sure to get everyone involved in the ideation and planning process. Once you set the tone (it can be anything from a formal suit-up party to a crazy 90’s disco themed celebration) you can get everyone to help turn your house into the party tone by contributing with the decor. Or, you can hire a professional party decorator to help you out with the setting. The ambience is the first prerequisite for a great party.


New Year’s eve parties do have a tendency to last a bit longer than any other party. That’s why it’s important to think about the activities you’ll offer to your guests to break up the monotony. Including a game in your party can be great for many reasons. Firstly, it’s so much fun challenging and competing with friends. Party games make time fly by seamlessly. 

Also, games can include healthy physical activity or stimulating mental challenges that will get your blood flowing and start physical reactions that will automatically make you feel better about everything. 

Games also help practice cooperation, leadership and sportsmanship skills. That’s why centering your event around games is not a bad thing. You’ll get to know the group much better and everyone will have plenty of fun and laughs so you can brag for weeks how great your party was. 

If you need party game suggestions, check out these 5 most popular Australian party games

And for NYE, another great idea might be discussing your New Years’ resolutions or trying to predict major New Year’s events. Be playful and creative. 

Food & drinks

You have to consider how to handle food and drinks. Having in mind the number of guests you’re inviting, you should consider the ups and downs of making the food by yourself. Sometimes, it’s much simpler to organize catering and have food delivered. There are several reasons. 

First and utmost, you don’t want to spend the whole day in the kitchen preparing food and find yourself tired and not up for partying in the evening. Second, it’s hard to have all your guests’ preferences in mind when preparing food for a party.

That’s why we suggest ordering catering. It’s much simpler, especially if you use Spotfood to organize it. 

When creating an event with Spotfood, all you have to do is set an event name, event date and time, the number of attendees, your event’s location and the list of vendors you need for the event. You can get in touch with caterers, florists, photographers, musicians… Your job stops after posting all the details to give vendors necessary information (like the type of the food you want at your event) and they make a quote on your event. You then decide who you want to give the job to. And that’s how you can simply replace an afternoon in the kitchen with just a couple of clicks. 

Your guests will feel more welcome and probably have more fun if you make beverages accessible to everyone

But, NYE is not just about food, it’s about drinks as well. Your guests will feel more welcome and probably have more fun if you make beverages accessible to everyone. And, needn’t to mention, make beverages plentiful. It is the “craziest night in the year”. Although you can use Spotfood to hire a bartender, having this kind of “self-serve” bar at your party can save you money and it will most sure help your guests to relax, having the opportunity to refill their drinks at any time. And, of course, don’t forget non-alcoholic beverages for refreshment.


Everyone loves dancing. A great party is often not so great without music which helps everyone relax. It’s the same for every party, so is for NYE.  

So, making the playlist customized by giving everyone the possibility to contribute with music ideas is sure to get your party going in the right direction. For example, Spotify offers a feature where a couple of users can contribute in creating a playlist. It can be fun guessing who added which song.

The point of the party is celebration, so try making the music pump up that feeling. There are great suggestions for amazing party music, and all you have to do is hit play.

Extra tip

Although people use smartphones to take pictures, it’s not a bad idea to put a couple of disposable or Polaroid cameras in the room to enable the guests to record great memories from your party. 

It will be a great surprise for your guests and everyone will have great photos to show and remember after the party’s over.

And also, maybe the most important piece of advice for a New Year’s party - don’t forget the countdown!

Have fun and celebrate

As we already mentioned, the point of every party is celebration. And for New Year’s, it’s even more so. Make sure to think of all the details that make up a great party, but most importantly, don’t forget to have fun.

Sometimes, it’s the best and most economic solution to hire professionals to make everything you imagine happen. It’s never been easier to throw a house party without worrying too much and spending hours planning and preparing the event. 

By using Spotfood, you really can make party planning simplified and sit back to enjoy the celebration with your guests while all the heavy lifting is done by pros. Your New Year’s eve party should be fun for you too, so don’t turn it into a drag. Happy New Year!