How to use Spotfood to organize a get-together

December 14, 2020

With the holiday season coming up and the COVID-19 pandemic situation improving, many people are looking for ways to get connected with loved ones and are planning parties, get-togethers, dinners or corporate events. If you’re one of these people, you’ve come to the right place. 

Organizing a get-together is not a simple task. If you’ve hosted events or parties before, you know that there are a lot of details to think about. It’s complicated to think about the food, decorations, gifts, sending out invitations… The list just goes on. 

But things just became simpler. Spotfood is now available on Google Play and App Store. Spotfood is a new event and party planning platform that makes party planning simplified! You now have the possibility to organize your event, end-to-end, all within a single app. No more worrying about deposits and advance payments to vendors, no more endless searches for vendors that could provide services for your event - it’s all available in one app.

What’s Spotfood?

Spotfood is a platform that connects event organisers with vendors that can provide services such as  catering, photography, decorations, gifts and other services for your  upcoming events. And what’s more, due to COVID-19, we have developed an innovative approach to enable Virtual events. This allows you to continue holding events and stay  connected virtually during the pandemic. 

Organize your event, end-to-end, all within a single app

Spotfood has a marketplace functionality. We list events directly from event organisers on the platform. Vendors can then view these event listings and provide quotes directly within the app. You will receive quotes from multiple vendors and if the quote meets your needs,  you can choose to accept it. Once the quote is accepted, you will be able to collaborate with the vendors on your event.

How to use Spotfood to organize a get-together?

Create an event

After installing the app to your phone or tablet (Spotfood is available for Android and iOS, with a web app coming soon), right on the home screen you can start creating your event which can be Virtual, Physical, Personal or Corporate. With physical events, it’s expected that all the guests are gathering at one place, while with virtual events you can have the event itinerary (food, gift packages, or anything you agree with vendors) delivered to your guests home addresses. 

When creating an event, you’ll have to set an event name, event date and time, the number of attendees, your event’s location and the list of vendors you need for the event (caterers, florists, photographers, musicians…).

Of course, you can list out all the details to give vendors more information (like the type of the food you want at your event) to make their quote more detailed. But, basically, it’s as simple as that. Your event is created. 

Spotfood has a marketplace functionality

Receive quotes & discuss details

As your event is created, it will become visible to the vendors and they will have the possibility to quote directly on the event within the platform. You decide which of the received quotes best suits your needs and accept it.

Then, you can share the complete event itinerary and guest list, all within the app. You can send digital invites to all guests and track RSVPs. Your guests can also use the Spotfood app to see the itinerary. The itinerary and guest list can be shared with the vendors. If the vendor requested a deposit to be made, you can pay the deposit within the platform, as well as any advanced payments (the dates can be set within the app). You’ll also receive all the invoices in the app and you can pay them within Spotfood.

Rate & comment

Once your event is over, you can leave ratings and comments on the service provided to you. This will help vendors to improve their service. All the comments and ratings are visible when receiving quotes, so you don’t have to worry about the reliability of the vendor you decided to hire. 

Party planning simplified

So, basically, your job is to enter all the event details into the app and you can sit back and relax while we get you connected to the people who can make all your ideas come true. 

Finding good event vendors can be difficult and they are a quite important part of your event. But, with Spotfood’s functionalities it’s becoming really simple to find the most suitable vendors for your party. 

As you can see, with Spotfood, it’s really simple to organize events, physical or virtual. You can try it this Christmas to get connected with your family and friends. Plan out the party and leave everything to Spotfood. If you need ideas or help with your party, make sure to check out our blog.