List of vendors needed for a successful wedding (expenses included)

March 28, 2021

A wedding vendor is anyone you pay for products or services for your wedding. This includes invitations, photographers, catering, flowers, music, etc. It takes a whole team to make your day run smoothly and the way you want it to. There are many great vendors in the wedding industry that will make your planning and organization much easier. Although, not all of them will fit your style and needs. Before you begin your search, it is important to let your personal tastes and needs be your guide. That way you will be able to find experts who will turn your vision into a reality. If you are just starting to plan, you are probably wondering about who should be on your list of wedding vendors.

Considering that couples hire an average of 14 vendors on their wedding day, it's clear that a guide is needed. That may seem like a lot, but each of these vendors has an important job to do to ensure your big day runs smoothly. To make wedding planning not only fun, but cost-effective, we've listed the vendors we recommend hiring. We've also listed exactly how much each wedding element costs, so you can approximately plan your budget and how much to set aside for a particular vendor. It is up to you to choose who you actually need.

In 2020, the average Australian couple spent $27.200 on weddings

In 2020, the average Australian couple spent $27.200. In previous years, this average was about 15% higher at $32.000 (the average was lowered by smaller weddings due to the coronavirus pandemic). Most couples have a budget of about $25.900. Sure, everyone has their own budget, but it's a good guide to see how much each vendor costs on average.

Wedding planner $2.000

If you opt for it, the planner should be first on your list of wedding vendors. It is a professional who helps in designing, planning and managing a wedding. Weddings are significant events in people's lives, so a planner can help you stay organized and stick to a budget during the pre-wedding process. Whether you choose a full-service planner or a coordinator for a month or two, hiring a planner is definitely worth the cost.

Venue $14.700

Start with the venue first, almost everything else depends on your venue. Here you can find guidelines on how to find a good venue. For example, you can't hire a caterer until you have the date, time and location of the wedding. So, the wedding venue for the ceremony and reception is one of the most important elements of planning. Depending on whether you want a modern wedding, you should look for a restaurant or a gallery. If you want something more natural, look for venues that have open spaces. Consider what the venue will include. Wedding packages can include many things, so you should choose a venue that offers a range of services so you can enjoy your day with ease.

Officiant $780

Without a wedding officiant, you and your partner won't really be able to get married. Depending on whether you are having a church or secular ceremony, you will find a suitable officiant accordingly. Officiants can be religious people, friends, family members, professional celebrants or anyone legally authorized to marry a couple. Some couples choose to have a friend or family member, making their ceremony a little more personal. However, if you choose to hire a priest, ask them how they usually go through the ceremony and emphasize what you would like to include and what is important to you, whether it is tradition or specific cultural elements.

Without a wedding officiant, you and your partner won't really be able to get married

Caterer $4.530

With the celebration and all the excitement on the wedding day, everyone will be hungry and thirsty. Find a wedding caterer who will make sure the menu at your event is plentiful and delicious. Be sure to ask for pictures, samples, reviews and any information that will help you make the best food and beverage decisions. Depending on the venue you choose, catering may or may not be included. If the venue does not include catering, you will need to hire a separate caterer to prepare and serve food and drinks.

DJ/band $1.700/$3.000-6.000

Musicians can be one of the most important vendors on your vendor list, because music can make or break a wedding celebration. Whether you decide to hire a band or DJ, make sure to let them know your music style. Don't forget to make a list of the songs or genres you want to be played. DJs are a cheaper music option when it comes to your wedding. You will only pay him half as much as if you hire a band, but the band adds a special tone to the wedding.

Photographer/videographer $3,000/$2,580

Another very important vendor to select is the wedding photographer and/or videographer who will creatively capture all the memories of your wedding day. And we’ve already written about how to find the best wedding photographer. Look at the photographers' portfolios to make sure their style matches yours and make sure you get to know each other, to get along and feel comfortable while he captures your intimate moments.

After the wedding is over, the best way to relive the moments is to hire a videographer. He will capture the image, the movement and the sound, making it special every time you watch the video.

Another very important vendor to select is the wedding photographer and/or videographer who will creatively capture all the memories of your wedding day.

Jeweler $1.600

Wedding rings are an important symbol of your marriage. They are rings that you will both wear for the rest of your lives. Choose a wedding jeweler who will educate you and help you about your purchase and not just try to sell you something. Find out what factors affect the price of fine jewelry and choose the right rings for your personal style, needs and budget. If you need to special order your wedding bands, it can take four to six weeks, so keep that in mind. There is nothing worse than worrying if your rings will arrive on time. We recommend ordering at least three months in advance. Yet the wedding band is the most important piece of jewelry you will ever own. Check out a couple of amazing ideas we saw at

Baker $540

Everyone looks forward to dessert, especially cake. It is a fundamental element of many weddings. Look for bakeries in the area and then review the design, details and even flavours. Whatever you choose, a traditional multi-tiered wedding cake or a dessert table, schedule a tasting with select bakeries. If you decide on a tiered cake, roughly envision what you want it to look like and let the baker know so they can make a sketch. Compare if they offer you any extras. A wedding cake is not only a delicious treat, it can also be so beautifully decorated as a dessert that it can serve as a decorative element for your event.

Florist $1.940

Your wedding flowers are an important part of the decor. Whether you decide to hire a florist to design your centerpieces or make some yourself, it's important that you know roughly what you want. Some key elements are the color, the theme and whether you're going for a classic, elegant, boho (which we've written about before) or some other look. When choosing a floral designer, look at their previous work and designs to make sure you are on the same page. Inquire about any additional charges.

Your wedding flowers are an important part of the decor

Hair and makeup artist $740

All eyes (and cameras) will be on you, so you definitely want to look and feel your best on your wedding day, which is why it's recommended to hire a professional hairstylist and makeup artist. Try to find photos of hairstyles and makeup that you like. Whatever look you decide on, explain to your stylist what you like about it, this will help them understand your preferences. This way, you will be sure to look your best without any extra surprises that you don't need. Whether you like a lot of glamour or keep things more natural, a trial run is always a good idea.

Stationer $700

From the first save-the-date card to the last thank-you note received, this leaves a beautiful paper trail. Stationer can help you create personalized invitations, as well as your ceremony programs, menus, thank you cards and more. An experienced stationer can help you choose the right paper products and make sure everything is prepared and sent out on time. He also offers services, advice and guidance on wording, items to include, quantities to order, turnaround times and manufacturer reliability. Everything you want to know about wedding invitations, you can read here.

Vendors are experts who will make your ideas come true. With so many different vendors, their websites and social networks, it can be hard to know where to even start.

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In addition to the vendors listed, you may want to consider other vendors such as a transportation company, a clothing company, a lighting designer or favours vendor if you need additional help. It's not something you can’t do without, but they could help further and add a special charm to your wedding day. All vendors are there for you, they are available and willing to work with you to make your day unique.