Most popular kids birthday party themes and how to organize them

April 25, 2021

In one of our blogs, we gave a brief overview of what to consider if you want to host a memorable kids birthday party. As we've mentioned before, kids can be a difficult audience, as their interests change daily. But if you start planning ahead of time, you can figure out all the little things and your child and all their guests will remember the fun for years to come.

Choosing a theme is often the center of great entertainment. To avoid mistakes, ask your child what sounds interesting and allow him creative freedom. The theme will make it much easier for you to plan the rest of the party and figure out what food to prepare, what decorations to put up and what games to plan. If you're planning a kids birthday party soon, check out our suggestions for the most popular themes and how you can organize them to be talked about for years to come.

1st birthday

A child’s first birthday is actually a celebration for parents. Your little celebrant is still too small to understand exactly what is going on. So include friends and family in the celebration, but also moms with babies you may have met as new parents. So keep in mind that the details, decorations and food are suitable for babies, but also for your adult guests. When it comes to the first birthday theme, the ideas are countless. The focus will tend to be on decorations, photogenic food and photography. Whether it's an animal-themed birthday party, a dinosaur first birthday party, a magical unicorn, a mermaid, a rainbow or a football, you'll be able to come up with the perfect party.

Your little celebrant is still too small to understand exactly what is going on

Art party

Children are fascinated by the world of art and colours, and a paint party is a great way to stimulate a child's imagination. For a painting party, you'll need a few basic things like paints, canvases, painting palettes, paintbrushes of various sizes, and easels. If you don't want to accidentally forget something, you can buy a supply kit. If you are particularly enthusiastic, you can cover a wall with a large piece of paper and ask the kids to paint a picture together. A great option would be if you can hire an art teacher to run some games for the kids. At the end of the painting party, don't forget to take lots of pictures to create memories. Another option is to frame each painting and share the artwork with each other.


You and your child can start this super interesting party by sending out rainbow shaped invitations. Emphasize that each child brings their own pajamas. Make sure the decorations match the dreamy theme. Try making your own fluffy clouds to hang from the ceiling. It's easy, cheap and will fit the atmosphere perfectly. During the day, kids can make rainbow necklaces and paint their own pillows to take home. Instead of chairs, set out lots of comfy cushions for them to sit on and let them watch a movie before bed. In the morning they'll be delighted with a big decorated pancake birthday cake.

You and your child can start this super interesting party by sending out rainbow shaped invitations

Pirate party

Pirate parties should be full of fun costumes, decorations and games. Temporary tattoos, hats, masks, models of shipwrecks, skulls... Little ones will love these types of decorations. This theme can be implemented both indoors and outdoors. To intrigue the kids, send eye patches with the invitations and write that they are going on a quest to find buried treasure. Make a pirate island map, and the hidden treasure should be a birthday cake (but they'll figure that out later). Divide the kids into two groups and have them compete against each other in solving puzzles, or just have them work together in a group. We are sure this will be a birthday party to remember for a long time.


The most classic kids birthday theme is the circus. Send out invitations that will look like a circus ticket. Performances by clowns and jugglers will naturally be the focus of the circus entertainment. What will excite the kids the most is the circus tent. Set up a tent and decorate it with lots of colorful balloons, flags, hoops and toys. If you don't have a yard, take long colorful ribbons and attach them to the walls from the ceiling. Another great way to decorate the whole room is using pictures of clowns and circuses, just make sure everything is colorful.

Princess party

The princess party is sure to magically attract the little ones. Make invitations in the shape of a pink dress with a small piece of pink tulle. This is very simple and looks beautiful. Add lots of gold or silver glitter, pale pink and purple crowns and balloons as decorations. Let each little girl dress up as her favorite princess, be it Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel or Elsa. Serve healthy crown shaped sandwiches that you can easily make with a cookie cutter. And most importantly, have a cake in the shape of a castle. If you think you can't make them yourself, you'll find plenty of cake designers at Spotfood to turn your ideas into reality.

Turn the yard into a campground that will turn any child into a true camper


Turn the yard into a campground that will turn any child into a true camper. Send them on an adventure with binoculars, on a scavenger hunt and use flashlights like real campers. Do a nightly outdoor movie screening, gather them around a campfire and teach them to bake a perfect marshmallow. Treat the kids to more cupcakes and a cake shaped like a campfire. Have the kids sleep in tents and wake them up in the morning with the smell of waffles and pancakes.


Every child has superpowers to discover and no child will be able to resist a superhero-themed birthday party. Craft invitations in the shape of lightning bolts or an eye mask. It's so easy, all you need is cardboard and a pen in bright colours. Ironman, Superman, Spiderman, Hulk, Batman or Wonder Woman, kids just need to pick their favorite. Start the fun by making capes, masks, tiaras, bracelets or items that their chosen superhero is famous for. After they make the costumes, take photos of the little superheroes in front of the photobooth. Don't forget the games where they have to show off their powers. Let the Hulk break the pinata, Spiderman try to overcome the obstacles with his senses and lets Wonder Woman grab the object with a rope. Finally, serve a big superhero cake for little superheroes.

Now that you've chosen the perfect theme, move on to planning. Remember that Spotfood can help you whether you decide on a cake designer, perhaps a photographer, caterer or venue. You can find them all in one place with just a few clicks. If you're planning an outdoor birthday party, pay attention to the weather. And relax. Children's parties are often much more fun than parties for adults. Kids are quirky, happy, playful, frivolous and relaxed and won't hold it against you if you don't have everything perfectly organized. And happy birthday to the little celebrator.