• Emily B

Our Definitive Guide to the 5 Food Days Worth Celebrating.

You’ve probably heard murmurings now and again about days dedicated to celebrating a specific kind of food. Perhaps you’ve heard of Meatball Day or Waffle Day, but did you know that there are actually HUNDREDS of foods that are designated a day of celebration around the world?

You know how we feel about food (big fans), but not even the most enthusiastic of foodies could possibly wrap their heads (or mouths) around the ever-growing list of national and international food days. That’s why we’ve decided to put together this list of the foodie festivities we think are the most worth chucking a sickie for.

1. Honestly, we think every day deserves a little bit of burger. However, if you perhaps feel a bit guilty about your insatiable love for the classic American delight, you can now give yourself an excuse to indulge to your heart’s content on Australia’s National Burger Day on May 28th. You’re welcome.

2. Spicy food may not be for everyone, but we can’t get enough. Luckily for us, International Hot & Spicy Food Day takes place on January 16th every year – that means we still have months to recover before the next round!

3. We might be a little late to the party and in the wrong country, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Pizza Day, which takes place on February 9th in the United Sates (but every day in our hearts).

4. International Hummus Day. Yes, we said it. Hummus. In our opinion, this humble yet versatile dip is truly the underdog of the food world. You can put it on a salad, you can spread it on a kebab, you can dip whatever vegetable you want into it and know for certain that it will improve the taste of said vegetable ten-fold. Ahh… it certainly is a wonderful thing, and now you can show Hummus the love and respect it deserves on International Hummus Day, May 13th.

5. Last (but certainly not at all least), International Bacon Day takes place each year on September 5th. Bacon. Need we say more?


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