• Emily B

What is Spotfood Venue?

Spotfood Venue is our easy-to-use platform that helps promote restaurants, bars and cafes, connecting them to hungry customers in the area by listing competitive food deals that simply can’t be missed.

Spotfood Venue allows partners to see what restaurant-goers are hunting for, whether that be an Indian banquet for eight, or a casual pizza night with the fam. Partners can then offer Spotfood users suitable incentives to choose their venue over others. This means that customers have the opportunity to score an amazing dining experience for their group (at an even more amazing price). In turn, our hospitality partners can attract new visitors to their business and increase customer retention.

But how does it work? Customers using the Spotfood App simply have to enter the date, time, type of cuisine they’re looking for and the number of people for the meal. Then, we send out that proposal to our Spotfood Venue partners in the customer’s area. Venues then bid to provide the best deal for that group – it’s the perfect way to attract new customers with deals that are unique to your business alone. The customer then chooses the most attractive deal, confirms the booking and redeems it at the venue. Simple!

Sounds pretty good right? Find out more about Spotfood Venue today or add your venue here.


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