Top 5 wedding photographers in Sydney

February 21, 2021

You know what they say: if there are no photos, it didn't happen at all. Your love story is waiting to be told through photography. Imagine flipping through your wedding photos, reminiscing and probably reliving one of the best times of your life. Experience the joy of a wedding as you tell each other stories and evoke emotions through these beautiful images. You'll be able to look back on all those special moments and remember one of the happiest days of your life, not just now, but for years to come.

That's why it's important to properly capture that most special moment of your life so you don't regret it later. In one of the previous blogs, we gave advice on how to choose the best wedding photographer. Following those tips, we bring you the top 5 wedding photographers in Sydney.

Sydney wedding photography & cinema

“We capture raw emotions, true love and once in a lifetime moments.”

Providing an excellent wedding photography and videography service led these excellent photographers to the finals of 2020 local business awards in Sydney. The team has managed to build a strong reputation in the past while ensuring the quality of services offered. They have over 20 years of professional experience. They have gone through a large number of weddings in the past and have grown in their professional experience. With all that, they can also customize the package based on your budget, needs and events. 

Your love story is waiting to be told through photography

Although their company is based in Sydney, they are not limited to offering their services only in the Sydney region. Instead, they offer their services to clients all over Australia and in many different parts of the world.

Phone: (04) 3452 2310


Instagram: @sydneyweddingphotography


Fame Park Studios 

“Blending popular candid, natural wedding photography style with traditional posed shots, we use photography and videography as a channel of storytelling to capture the epic moments in your wedding.”

A team of professional wedding photographers and videographers whose passion is wedding photography and wedding film. They combine popular wedding photojournalism with traditional set shots. Photography and videography serve as a narrative guide to capture epic wedding moments. Their photos exude a blend of vibrant colors.

They pride themselves on capturing the moments, the atmosphere of the day, the emotions, the drama, the fun and the joy. At all weddings they try to blend in as much as possible to understand the couple's background, culture and history.

Phone: (02) 8051 3205


Instagram: @fameparkstudios


Divon photography 

“We are a team of professional photographers/videographers specialised in Wedding Day with over 10 years of wedding events experience.”

Divon Photography is a multi-award winning studio that has been recognised with honours from around the world. They come from a variety of backgrounds - interior design, portraiture, black and white art, graphic design, video and sound. They want the highest standard in all their work. Their goal is to capture all the special moments at the wedding in a natural way. Divon's style is timeless, classic and intimate. They value sentimentality and they approach each wedding with care and passion.

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They have been collaborating since 2008, formerly known as Beani photography, and have since become one of Sydney's renowned photography studios.

Phone: (02) 9161 0000


Instagram: @divonweddingphotography


Lara Hotz photography 

“We believe photography is a way of telling stories.”

Hotz photography is all about visual storytelling. They say photography is not just a job, it's a passion. It's about capturing moments and finding beauty in amazing places. This group of talented and creative people are inspired by love, laughter, characters and atmosphere with the goal of documenting the story as it naturally and unobtrusively unfolds.

Phone: (04) 0115 0900


Instagram: @larahotzphotography


Dan Luke photography 

"Our Goal is to create timeless, unforgettable images that show your individuality, your spirit and energy. We want that window back to your extraordinary day to be a beautiful one, one that you are proud to share with friends and family and one that reflects the twinkle in your eye as you pore through your album with children and grandchildren."

Dan is an award-winning wedding photographer in Sydney. He shares this passion with his wife Diana, a professional photo editor. Working closely together gives them the opportunity to see things from different perspectives.

A team of creative professionals who are lucky enough to work together and share the same passion. Their unique skills, both in filming and editing beautiful images and movies, come together to show unique angles that thoroughly tell the story of the wedding day.

Phone: (04) 0119 4866


Instagram: @danlukephoto


We've tried to pick out the top 5 wedding photographers in Sydney, but there are many, many more great photographers out there. Since Spotfood is always trying to help, you can easily find them all in one place on our app. Simply create an event, list your needs and receive personalized quotes from vendors. After you accept the quotes, work with those vendors on our platform and make your event a success. Spotfood is available via web, Google Play or App Store.