Top wedding trends in 2021: a quick guide

January 4, 2021

At the start of 2021, it’s worth looking back on one of the most challenging years for the wedding industry. 2020 was especially tough for event organizers who have already started re-imagining events with the new public health regulations in mind. It was tough organizing an event during the COVID-19 pandemic and weddings were no exception. 

Large gatherings were, and still are forbidden all around the world due to public health regulations. Consequently, couples turned to organizing more intimate celebrations with their nearest friends and family and new trends started emerging. 

Although weddings are very personal events and every couple wants something different, in this blog we’ll cover a couple of wedding trends that we believe will become “the thing” in 2021. 


At the top of our trending list are small, rather informal gatherings that will replace extravagant weddings most of us might be used to. We can thank COVID-19 for this emerging trend, but, if you stop to think about it for a second, it might not be such a bad thing after all. 

Spending your budget on a smaller group of people gives new possibilities to be creative with the wedding organization itself. The fact of having the same budget for a smaller number of people gives couples the possibility to add personal touches to everything, from entertainment to catering and other favors that are becoming even more personalized this way. 

Microweddings give couples the opportunity to personalize everything

Having a smaller wedding celebration also means that you have the possibility to put in maximum attention to every little detail of your perfect day. Also, a smaller number of people means a more intimate and informal atmosphere, so you might think about organizing the thing yourself instead of hiring a wedding coordinator. 

Having a small number of people means you’ll know every attendee personally and will be able to plan out the event details to satisfy everybody’s needs. Event organization platforms like Spotfood make the planning process extremely simple and can save your time and money in organizing weddings in 2021. With a couple of clicks, you can start getting quotes from vendors you need to make your event perfect.

And if you really want to get creative, try thinking about organizing a wedding weekend instead of a one-day party. While it was practically impossible to organize a weekend gathering for a large number of people, microweddings could make this possible!


Being increasingly aware of climate changes, people are picking up the habit of being more ecologically aware. In 2021 this fact might reflect on weddings too. Cutting back on unnecessary waste and being as eco-friendly as possible is something a lot of couples might turn to in the year before us. 

Going plastic-free, sharing decor and flowers, choosing sustainable venues are all ways to make your wedding “greener”. You can also think about edible flowers which can be infused in drinks and served in the food as a great way to be creative with the floral arrangements.

Also, reducing the number of guests and trying to make your wedding more sustainable go hand-to-hand. So, you can think of new possibilities to involve your loved ones in your big day, for example organizing a live stream of the reception. When thinking about this, it is logical to presume that hiring videographers for weddings will become an emerging trend in the future.

Informal atmosphere

Weddings are well known to be formal and elegant events. 2021 is here to change that. While weddings will never become comparable to a night out with your friends, a great number of couples are deciding to host a laidback event rather than a big, extravagant celebration.

More and more brides are picking simple dresses and grooms are following the trend

This might be reflected in food choices, decorations and even clothing. Lately, we’re seeing more and more brides to pick simple dresses and grooms are following the trend with suit choices. This might reflect on guests' choice of attire soon too, so the dress code for weddings might become a bit more relaxed in the near future.

Midweek weddings

This may seem odd at a first glance, but, when you think about it, it’s quite logical. With a great number of wedding postpones in 2020, there might be a big trend of organizing a midweek wedding due to lack of venue availability. 

Also, saying yes now and celebrating later might be a thing in 2021. Due to COVID-19, a large number of couples already had the wedding ceremony itself, but will hold a celebration in 2021. This might become popular in the future because it gives couples the possibility to focus on the most important thing first (that’s exchanging vows) and concentrating on organizing a party later.

Don’t be afraid to get personal

These emerging trends in wedding planning might change the way we think about wedding receptions and make us rethink their organization process. These trends are almost sure to bring even bigger changes in the future. 

Turning to small-tier weddings means the possibility to get personal and think out every little detail of your wedding. What’s more, the need to hire an experienced wedding planner or coordinator is reduced with emerging technologies in the event industry. 

The biggest advantage of hiring a wedding planner is not having to think about how to make your ideas a reality by finding event vendors and entertainment. Good vendors are the essence of a good event and sometimes they’re hard to find. But, in 2021, using an event planning platform like Spotfood makes it seamless to gather quotes by vendors that can make your personalized wishes come true. 

Organizing your event on your own will not only give you the possibility to make it really intimate and personal, it will also become an amazing memory and an unforgettable experience to remember when listing the event photos in 15 years.