Wedding invitations - everything you need to know

March 14, 2021

The wedding invitation is an introduction to what guests can expect on the day of the wedding, and it is the first insight into what best describes and reflects the couple's tastes. It's amazing how much detail you can put on a small piece of paper that you shape, design, decorate and end up sending to your loved ones. The good news is that while there are rules for what wedding invitations should look like, there is no wrong or right way.

We're going to ask the most important questions that anyone thinking about designing wedding invitations, and we're going to give the simplest answers. The most important thing is to know what to include in the invitation, and the rest is up to you to play with the details and design. After the checklist about what to include in your wedding invitations, we will try to inspire you and offer you 5 creative and beautiful DIY wedding invitation ideas.

Before designing wedding invitations, it is important to know the theme and colours of the wedding

How to choose your design?

Before designing wedding invitations, it is important to know the theme and colours of the wedding, as the style of your invitation will give clues as to how your wedding will look. Will it be classic and elegant, rustic and relaxed or glamorous? Invitations are the first impression for guests and should match the theme of your wedding. Once you've envisioned the theme, ask yourself if you like romantic calligraphy or modern graphic design? Do you prefer florals, minimalist shapes or do you want something cheerful? We suggest you look at wedding invitation styles on Pinterest, which is a great place to gather inspiration, and whichever invitation catches your eye, focus on that style.

The traditional size of wedding invitations is a rectangular card measuring 4.5 inches and 6.25 inches. But modern and unique designs are becoming more popular. Invitations can now come in the shape of circles, squares and any other shape. It would be good to pay attention to the font. It's important that your guests can read the text, so don't choose fonts that are too exotic and hard to read. Also, pay attention to contrasts and don't place light fonts on a light background and vice versa. And most importantly, have fun with the design and ideas so your guests can immediately tell it's all you by the look of the invitation. Be creative.

What to include?

As much as a beautiful design is important, remember what the purpose of your invitations is, which is to tell your guests the most important information about your wedding. How many details you include is up to you, but there are certain facts that you absolutely must have. Your invitation tells guests who, what, when and where they will be at your wedding. Often, several cards can be included with the invitation.

A standard three-piece invitation package would consist of the main invitation, which is also the largest, an RSVP card and at least one insert card

A standard three-piece invitation package would consist of the main invitation, which is also the largest, an RSVP card and at least one insert card. So, the invitation must include the date and time, the venue (ceremony and reception), the reception card (if the reception is at a different location than the ceremony), the type of reception (formal, informal, cocktail or dinner) and the wedding website. Of course RSVP card, which must include a stamp to return the response or a link to the website if the response can be given online. Directions and a map (this is optional, but a nice detail that makes everyone's life easier) and a map of accommodations (for guests coming to the wedding from other cities or destinations). Include an invitational line, which lists the names of the hosts. Follow that with a request line like “Invite you to celebrate the marriage of.” Fold all your pieces from largest down to smallest up and wrap with a nice ribbon or decorative item if desired.

How to adress it?

Once you have packed the envelope with all the necessary details for your guests, it is time to seal and deliver it. You can hire a calligrapher to adress your invitations (which you will need to set aside more of your budget for), or simply use wonderful stencils, stamps, or custom labels to print your names, and they will look just as beautiful.

The traditional way to adress guests is to use "Mr. and Mrs.". Be sure to put a return address so the invitation doesn't get lost in the mail. Place the adress on the back so it doesn't distract from the formality on the front.

When to send it?

Traditionally, Save the dates card are not required, but if you plan to have them, send them out 6-8 months before the wedding, as wedding invitations will go out 2-4 months before the wedding date. This gives guests plenty of time to plan and organize. Make sure you book a venue and set a date and time before you send out the invitations by mail, as guests will need to know where and when they will need to arrive. Be sure to plan extra time if you want to order a custom design for the wedding invitations.

How to make a DIY invitation?

If you are a creative couple looking to show off your creativity on your wedding invitations or just want to save money, we bring you 5 creative and unique DIY wedding invitations:

1. Gold leaf

Add a little glamour to wedding invitations, and there's no better way to do that than adding gold color. All you need is gold paint, craft glue and dried leaves. Arrange the dried leaves on the card. When you are happy with the position, dip or paint the leaves in gold paint and gently press them onto the card in the places you have chosen. It doesn't matter if the full surface is not transferred to the paper, a slightly unfinished look adds a special charm. Let dry. You can also add a little craft glue to the corners of your invitations and press on a little gold leaf for a bit of glamour.

2. Watercolour

Easy to make and you can do nothing wrong, could it be better? Squeeze out a little of the colour you have chosen onto a piece of card. Soak the brush, then dip it into the paint and apply the thinned paint with the brush in a zigzag motion allowing the paint to be more pigmented in places. Dip a wet brush into the unmixed paint if you want more of that shade. Don't strain too much, that way you will get the best effect. You can also use your finger and swipe the paint over what you have already applied. Once it dries, you'll have artistic invitations that no one else has.

3. Dried flowers

Romance and flowers go hand in hand. To incorporate flowers beautifully into your invitations, use dried or pressed flowers. Take fresh flowers (flowers with a smaller pattern look best) and place them where you want them on the card. When you are happy with the look, press them into the card with a hammer until they are fully aligned and until the natural colors are transferred. Peel off the flowers and you have a floral graphic. If you want to do a simpler process, you can use small sprigs of dried flowers and tie them together with romantic string or seal them with wax on your invitations.

4. Cut out patterns

A very easy way to make your invitations more interesting is to use a pattern cutter to make a cute embellishment, or cut out design along the edges of the cards. Decide how you want your invitations to look. You can put the pattern all around the outside or leave it just on the bottom. Use the pattern cutter carefully, making sure the pattern is evenly spaced and that you have placed the cutter in the right place before pressing.

5. Pocket invitation

Once you have chosen your design, you are ready to assemble. You place the invitation card on the invitation mat and then place the whole thing to the pocket. Apply glue, carefully center the invitation on the mat and press lightly to hold it in place. Do the same thing to glue the mounted invite to the center section of your pocket. Now all you have to do is take an RSVP card and an envelope, stack them on top of each other and shove them in the pocket. Fold up your pocket invitation and slide the whole thing into your mailing envelope. Seal the envelope and voila, your pocket invitation is ready.

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