What are the major benefits of using an online event management platform

October 14, 2020

Not everyone has the time… or the patience

Hosting an event, a party or a get-together can be a bit overwhelming for many people. Not all of us are comfortable with organizing something. It can be frustrating when you realize that you forgot to put the time of the event in the invitations, or, maybe, that you forgot to confirm the number of the people to the caterer. Yes, if you’re not doing everything by yourself, you have to arrange third-party vendors or hire a professional event organizer to help you out, and that includes a lot of phone calls and meetings. A lot of people don’t have the time or the will to do it.

From a vendor's perspective, it’s actually quite the same. It can be frustrating to track and quote on a lot of events, making endless phone calls about the event details. And often, due to misunderstanding, a lot of things go wrong and you end up taking the blame. You miss one little detail and someone’s event is ruined. And it’s not wrong to make a mistake, because event vendors and planners are under a lot of constant pressure to get things done while satisfying everyone included in the process.

online event management platform makes event planning simple
Event planning takes a lot of time, skills and patience

It’s clear that event planning takes a lot of time, skills and patience. But, with technology advancing day-to-day, we now have the possibilities to make event planning simpler. Using an event management platform can help resolve all the pain points on both sides of the same coin: the event organizers and the vendors. Having access to an event management platform can save vast amounts of time and, consequently, money, especially for event service providers. Making your process streamlined and simplified is what a good end-to-end event management platform does.

Let’s dig in and see what are the major benefits of using an online event management platform like Spotfood for event vendors.

Connecting events and services

In the event business, as well as any other business, it can be hard to get new clients. Even if you are very popular and have a good client base, reaching new gigs can be a bit difficult. Word of mouth and classical marketing are, of course, a good way to start spreading business, but, today, that’s not all you can do.

That’s where a good event management platform can help. Imagine this: you open an app that gives you the possibility to see events (birthday, gender reveal, anniversary, virtual or physical, anything’s possible) in your area. 

The first thing you want to know is, of course, the type of the event, the date and the time, number of guests and the venue. Those are the things you should know even before starting the organization process. And they’re all right there, listed in the event organizers post: details of the event (location, time, number of guests, budget) and the organizers wishlist for the event - type of food, decor, gifts.

So, it works something like a marketplace, making events visible to vendors in the area. After that, you can start quoting on events you think could use your services. Sounds simple? That’s because it is.

A good event platform will do the job of connecting events with the suitable vendors that can then decide if they want to quote on the event or not. And it’s all done in just a few clicks. No more long phone calls and complex negotiations. Very time effective.

Also, it’s a way to increase revenue by exposing your business to more customers in more locations.

Communication simplified

The next step after you get connected with the client is negotiating the event details. And you know that this can be quite a confusing and frustrating experience. Not only do you need to make all the details clear, you also have to negotiate the price and all the deliverables. This can be a painful experience, but good news is it can be made simple. 

Using an online platform can make things easier. Having all your bookings with all the possible details viewable in one place makes the possibility of misunderstanding or making a mistake minimal. If you have any questions, there’s no need to pickup the phone or write an email. Spotfood, for example, makes it simple to send a message to the organizer within the app and clarify all the details in minutes. 

Having all your bookings with all the possible details viewable in one place makes the possibility of misunderstanding or making a mistake minimal

As a vendor you can view event listings and provide your quotes directly in the  platform. Once your quote is accepted, you will be able to collaborate with the  event organiser while they plan the event, view itineraries and guest lists, submit invoices and receive payments, all within the platform. 

So, negotiation skills can be thrown off the table when using a proper platform. Everything is accessible and clear at first sight and there are no more misunderstandings caused by bad communication.

Oh, the payments...

You’ve surely dealt with payment issues when doing business with your clients. When you do the job, your client says he’ll pay in two weeks and often, it gets delayed even more. Maybe, you require a deposit, need an advanced payment done before the event itself to cover expenses. And, of course, delivering the invoice after the event can be a drag.

That’s one more benefit of using a good event management platform. When providing your quote on an event, you can request a deposit to be paid before confirming the booking. You can also set some advanced payments with due dates. All these conditions are visible to your clients within the platform, making it easy to make payments within the app. 

After the event, you can send invoices to your client within the app, saving time and making payments simpler. This kind of data integration is the key to time effectiveness. We know that every event is special and that it requires a lot of planning and organizational skills, but having all the data in one place and not having to pick up the phone every five minutes enables you to invest more effort into really doing your job.

A good review helps you improve your service

The overall aim of any service business is to give a good impression and make it clear what it would be like to work with you. Another great thing about using an online platform to offer your services is receiving reviews and comments about the work you did. Firstly, it helps building trust with your clients. You are more likely to land gigs when people can clearly see that you are doing a good job. 

Detailed customer feedback can also help you improve your service by identifying issues you maybe aren’t aware of, but your customers most certainly are.

Making your service better will get you more satisfied customers

End-to-end functionalities a good online event platform provides make a great additional tool to manage and engage with your customers throughout the event lifecycle, allowing you to focus on what’s really important and that’s running your business.

In the end, you're the one doing the job

While event management platforms really can make things simpler for vendors, but also for event planners, don’t let the platform run your show. It’s here to make things easier - help you find new clients easier, communicate the details with them, streamline the process and automate some of the planning tasks - so you can focus on making your business even better. 

People use their phones all the time and making yourself available to them via mobile can help you reach better success and resolve some issues you might have had in the past communicating your services to the people. 

Also, people are getting more and more comfortable with using their phones to make payments, and this might be the greatest benefit for your business, because we all know how it is to wait for client payments after you did the job. 

That’s why we would recommend implementing an online event management platform into your business model - it only expands your possibilities, so, why not use the opportunity.