What is an event stylist and do you need one?

April 11, 2021

There are so many event vendors you can hire for your big day and they will greatly help you make everything perfect. Some are necessary and it goes without saying that you should hire them if you want to make things easy. For example, caterers, venue hire, florists and photographers can help you have your dream event. Depending on the event you are planning, there are many other options for vendors.

When you look at all the beautiful photos on social media, do you imagine how exactly will you make your special day so enchanting and photogenic that every detail is in place and forms a perfect whole? This is where event stylists come in. Below we bring you the most common questions and answers and what exactly these experts can help you with, and do you really need one.

Depending on the event you are planning, there are many other options for vendors

What is an event stylist?

An event stylist is the creative part of event planning. They will work with you to create a visual plan and design for your event, based on your wishes and ideas. They are responsible for the look and overall aesthetic of your event; decor design, settings, mood lighting, choosing flowers, floor plans down to the smallest intricate decorations. The design and decor create a mood that guests will experience when they enter the venue. If the event has a specific theme, the event stylist will help you select items that evoke that theme. In short, they work on the aesthetics and overall look of the event.

Event stylist and event planner: is there a difference?

Event planners and event stylists can greatly help you organize events according to your vision. Although seemingly similar, these two types of vendors perform two different tasks. Event planners focus more on logistics, while event stylists take care of esthetics. Think of it more like one is responsible for expression and the other for function.

Event planners are authority on event coordination. This means that all vendors, including event stylists, fall under their leadership. The event planner knows the expectations and coordinates everyone else. They are the link between the host and everyone else involved. Event stylists work on the aesthetics, arrangements, decor, table decorations and overall esthetic feel to create a theme and a more beautiful atmosphere, all of which are ultimately approved by the planner.

What does an event stylist do?

Styling your special day is one of the elements of the entire event that will help leave a lasting impression on your guests. From creating the perfect colour palette to finding the right flowers, lighting and decor, the role of the stylist is huge. They are always one step ahead, know all the latest trends and push the boundaries when it comes to design, style and decoration to add a special touch to a celebration. The event stylist is usually responsible for the overall visual theme, they have an eye for detail to make sure everything is in line with the theme, from the invitations, table and centerpieces, attire, lighting, flowers and furniture to the overall aesthetics of the event. Event stylists work directly with hosts to determine the theme or ambiance. In addition to working with clients, they often work with an event planner.

vent stylists work on the aesthetics, arrangements, decor, table decorations and overall esthetic feel to create a theme and a more beautiful atmosphere

Why engage an event stylist?

If you are hosting a party where you want to have flawless decorations and create memories, it would be best to hire an event stylist. You will save time and money, but also the stylist will provide you with their knowledge, experience and resources. No detail will be overlooked and the maximum effort will be made to liven up your theme and style. 

It may seem like an extra expense to you at first to hire an event stylist, but in reality, their involvement will bring you huge savings as they are very efficient with their costs. A good stylist will know how to balance decorations for a memorable celebration with your budget. After all, the event stylist will bring their experience and expertise to the table. One of the most important things too is that each stylist will have their own database of the best suppliers and will know which ones to hire to make your celebration look as good as possible.

Should you hire a stylist?

Not everyone needs a full-service stylist for their event. Many of them offer consulting packages that can assist you, of course, so the cost is less. Are you concerned about all the visual details and how everything fits your event? Do you want to make sure your decorations reflect your overall theme, find the perfect colour for the flower pot and the best selection of flowers? If your answer is yes, then you should probably hire a stylist. Having a dedicated stylist who knows what they're doing and whose sole job is to make sure everything looks the way you envisioned is a huge relief. All those beautiful photos you see on social media can become your reality.

When in doubt about whether to hire a professional or do it yourself, the deciding factor is time and expertise

When in doubt about whether to hire a professional or do it yourself, the deciding factor is time and expertise. Do you have the time and are you creative enough to study and make unique decorations, cakes, personalized items, order or purchase materials, or will you hire a professional whose time and expertise will be spent just to make all these things happen for you? An experienced event stylist finds creative ways to get the most for your money.


When planning an event, everything has to be perfect. Many people spend hours, lots of money and endless days agonising over every detail. This is often exhausting and can disrupt the setting of the event. Defining your style and vision can definitely be a challenge if you lack creativity. Hiring professionals is the perfect way to find ideas and inspiration and turn them into reality. 

Whether you're looking for a stylist to help you from start to finish or you just need help getting started, hiring a stylist will make it a lot easier. These are the best professionals in their business who know what they are doing and will guarantee that your event will look perfect. Of course, you can find the best event stylists in one place at Spotfood