What's a bucks party and how to throw a good one?

December 27, 2020

Buck’s night, stag party, or, simply a bachelor’s party is a party held for a man who will shortly enter marriage. It’s an old tradition, but it’s still as important as before. The first references to a stag party date to the 19th century, according to Wikipedia, but the tradition itself dates back to ancient Greece. 

The ancient Spartans used to celebrate the groom's last night being single and not much has changed in the tradition itself since then. So, let’s find out what a bucks party is all about.

What is a bucks party?

According to the Cambridge dictionary, bucks party is a party for a man who is going to get married to which only his male friends are invited. As we already said, the tradition is thought to originate from ancient Sparta (5th century BC), where soldiers would drink and celebrate on the eve of one’s wedding.

A bucks party is, so to say, a social gathering on steroids. There are a lot of stereotypes about bucks parties, like that it involves a lot of alcohol and gambling, and in some traditions and cultures it also involves pranks and tests for the future groom. So, in a way, we can define a bucks party as a rite of passage from a young adolescent lifestyle to a responsible marital life. 

A bucks party is, so to say, a social gathering on steroids

The bucks party is most often organized by the best man or a groom’s sibling and the activities being held are most oftenly kept secret from the groom until the last minute. The traditions are different around the world, but they do have one common piece - groom’s mates often tend to try to prepare a prank to humiliate him publicly. 

Society has influenced the image of a bucks party as the wildest party type and it’s one of the most awaited pre-wedding activities. If you haven’t, check out the movie Hangover and you’ll see what we’re talking about when saying “a wild party”. In the movie, you’ll see the pop-cultural image about what a bucks party really is.

Can you be creative when throwing a bucks party?

Well, the answer is of course yes. Although the notorious image of a bucks party goes back to the 5th century BC, that doesn’t bind you to do it the way everyone else does. It’s completely up to you and we suggest creativity. Check out these creative ideas (that don’t involve getting way too drunk) for a bachelor’s party in 2021!


If you haven’t gone to a safari, a bucks party is a great place to try it out. When you think about it, it does make a great bucks party.

Going back to the roots, amazing landscapes, remarkable wildlife and a chance to spend a couple of days (yeah, a bucks party can last a couple of days) in the bush camping with your mates sounds like a great time. Add a couple of beers and you have yourself a real treat. 

For ideas on destinations, check out Wanderlust’s recommendations for best Australian safaris.

Poker night

If something can grab the attention of 10 guys it’s a friendly game of poker. You’ll spend a couple of hours having great fun starting off the evening in the right tone.

It’s easy to organize a poker night too. If you’re doing it at home, all you need is the cards, chips, a table and booze alongside the finger food. If you want to go big, offer some cigars for tasting during the game. We recommend small stakes and big laughs.3

It’s easy to organize a poker night

Whiskey tasting

If something puts a tag “gentlemen” on a group of guys, it’s definitely ice cold whiskey. So, why not class up your bucks party and get a little fancy? 

There are two ways to organize a whiskey tasting. You either go to a bar known for their whiskey selection or organize it at home. For a tasting in a bar, you’ll need a decent budget, so we recommend doing it at home (also, you won’t have to find a ride home afterwards). 

The goal of tasting whiskey is to enjoy it in a way that’s meaningful to you, says Gentlemans Gazzete. Someone will focus on flavour profiles, someone on the colour and someone on the scent. The important thing is to have a tasting host - someone that knows his way around spirits and can guide the event.

Also, we recommend pairing whiskey with some good cigars for a memorable bucks party experience.


Skydiving for a bucks party is for people who live for thrills, want to get creative and try something extraordinary and unusual in life. 

Skydiving isn’t without risk, but it’s much safer than you’d tend to think. Actually, the number of skydiving accidents is under 0.5%. But, if you don’t like adrenaline, better stick to more traditional ways of partying. 

Skydiving for a bucks party is for people who live for thrills

If you’re the bucks party organizer, there are a couple of things you can do to make the event even more interesting. For example, organize a secret pickup location or play a kidnapping game. Hire pros to do it for you and the groom won’t know what to expect. 

Be creative

So, if you or some of your friends are getting married this year, we want you to know you can get creative when organizing a bucks party. And, of course, Spotfood is here to make planning of any party simple, so try it out when planning out your bucks night.