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A bidding platform to get more customers through the door

Spotfood is a service that provides personalised food deals, using a live bidding process between multiple restaurants to find the best deal for the customer.

Covid-19 Update

To support our local restaurants during the Covid-19 crises, Spotfood is committing to the following:

  • Waiving our restaurant service fee until further notice

  • Continuing to advertise restaurant menus, deals and profiles through our platform

  • Promoting the importance of supporting local businesses via our social channels

How it works

Customer submits a request

A request tells the restaurant the party size, date and time of the customers' plan.

You place a bid on their request

Spotfood will send the request to all matching restaurants, giving them the opportunity to respond to it with a deal.

Bid accepted by customer

The deals are presented back to the customer. The customer selects the most attractive deal.

"Spotfood is a great way of reaching out to larger dining groups and new  customers through a user-friendly app. We find the platform accessible and it's great how auto bid can help us when we are too busy to bid ourselves. It's a fun way to attract customers with unique discounts only our cafe can offer and increase our sales during the quieter periods. Thanks Spotfood for your continued support for the small food businesses!”

Six Willows Café, Willetton, Perth

Hear from our venues

Why Join Spotfood

We know there are SO many apps out there, offering the same thing and taking a chunk of your revenue. Here is how we are different:

Customer Retention

Your restaurant stands out with Spotfood. We are the only online service that provides personalised food to customers.

Fill your quieter times

Spotfood is a bidding platform, which means you have the power to bid for times that suit your restaurant. The more attractive your deal, the more customers you attract!

Low cost, no risk

Spotfood has no monthly fees, no commission based fees or set up costs. It's a low cost, no risk advertising platform.

Add your restaurant

You can add your restaurant in one of two ways:

1) Use the Venue Sign up form:

  • Fill out the sign up form.

  • We'll be in touch with you 1-2 business days.

  • Your account will be set up and ready to go!


With this option, you can start bidding in less than 3 business days


2) Sign up through the app


  • Download Spotfood Venue from your favourite app store.

  • Click 'Sign Up' and then 'New Venue'.

  • Add your restaurant details.

  • Activate your account and you're ready to go!


With this option, you can start bidding in less than 10 minutes!


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