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Frequently asked questions

What is Spotfood?

Spotfood is a service that finds you personalised on demand food deals for groups for when YOU want to eat. Just tell Spotfood when and where you want to eat and Spotfood will collect deals from various restaurants and send them to you.

How does Spotfood work?

Spotfood is very simple. All you have to do is submit a ‘proposal’ with the details of when and where you want to eat. Spotfood will then send those details to all the matching Spotfood restaurants. The restaurants will then send back deals that they would like to offer you. Spotfood will collect and send the deals and discounts offered by these restaurants back to you, and you choose which deal is most attractive to you.

Is Spotfood free?

Yes! Spotfood is free of charge!

What is a proposal?

A proposal is what you submit through the app with the details of your meal. You will be able to specify exactly when you want to eat (date and time), general location of where you would like to eat, and how many people will be coming. You can also set the time limit of how long the restaurants will be given to respond to your proposal.

After submitting a proposal, what do I do?

Just sit back and let Spotfood do the work. Spotfood will collect the deals and notify you when they are ready for you to view them. Once they are ready, you can choose which deal you like most.

Will Spotfood notifiy me when venues respond to my proposal?

Yes! Spotfood will notify you after your proposal has closed and you will then be able to view all the deals that have been sent to you by the restaurants.

How long do I have to wait to hear back from venues?

That is up to you! In the proposal form, you can set how long you want the proposal to stay open for. You will only be able to view the deals from restaurants once the proposal is closed. For example, if you set the proposal time for 10 minutes, the restaurants will only have 10 minutes to respond with deals, and you can view the deals after that 10 minutes. If you set the proposal to be open for 2 hours, then the restaurants will have 2 hours to respond, and you will only be able to view the deals after 2 hours.

How do I make sure more venues respond?

Set your proposal open for longer, giving more restaurants the chance to respond to your proposal. Going in bigger groups may result in getting more attractive deals from restaurants.

What if I don’t like any of the deals sent back to me?

You can reject all deals provided for a proposal by pressing ‘Reject All’.

Is there a limit on the group size?

There is no limit on group size for Spotfood proposals. However, Spotfood participating venues may have a limit on the group sizes they will take and may not respond with deals if your group size is too small or too big.

How do I find my accepted deals?

To see deals that you have accepted, go to the tab called‘My Deals’. In that tab you will be able to see all the past and upcoming deals that you have accepted. You can filter the list to see only upcoming deals.

How I redeem my upcoming deals?

To redeem a deal, go to ‘My Deals’ and find the deal you want to redeem. Press the ‘Redeem’ button and a QR code will pop up. The restaurant will scan that QR code on the day of the meal.

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