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Featuring your business on Spotfood will get you connected with a network of event organisers and planners looking for vendors to provide services for their events. The vast variety of event types on the network provides a regular flow of demand, enough to keep you busy!

Reach New Customers

Your business profile is shared with the event organisers when you provide a quote, expanding your brand reach at the same time!

Recurring Business, Returning Customers

Our event organisers are planning events regularly, hence the better your service ratings are the more likely it is for the same event organiser to select your quote.

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How does Spotfood work?

Spotfood is a technology company that connects event organizers with local vendors that can provide services for their events. And that's just the beginning. Spotfood’s innovative vendor-focused solutions provide tools to enhance your success by transforming your business.

Why should I partner with Spotfood?

Spotfood will advertise your business to thousands of event organisers. Vendors partnering with Spotfood can reach new customers, increase sales, and even add new locations. To begin using Spotfood click on Get Started.

How do I receive event proposals from Spotfood?

Event proposals are sent to your Spotfood Vendor app. You can see the complete detail of the event and provide your quote for services within the app.

When do I get paid for orders?

Event organisers pay Spotfood directly, and our partners receive a weekly direct deposit from Spotfood.

How do I register my business on Spotfood?

The Spotfood Vendor app provides a simple, self-service setup and onboarding experience. Download the Spotfood Vendor app, register your business and provide the relevant information. We will process your business information in the background, while you use the app!

Is Spotfood available in my area?

The easiest way to check if Spotfood is available in your area is to begin the self-signup process. Download the Spotfood Vendor app and complete the registration. If we do not service your area, we keep your information on file and will notify you when we're live in your area and ready to partner with your business.